Zero Breeze: The Portable Air Conditioner

Zero Breeze: The Portable Air Conditioner

Everyone loves summer, right? Well, let’s be honest. Everyone loves summer as long as they’re comfortable, and that means as long as you can bring the air conditioning along with you wherever you go. Zero Breeze is an effective, lightweight, easy to use portable air conditioner that lets the user stay cool no matter where you are. Sure, there are other products that promise to cool you off with air conditioning, but they create the effects of cooling by adding water or ice into the device, and none of them is portable because they need to be plugged in with the aid of an adapter. This innovative product is perfect when you’re on the road in your RV or enjoying a family reunion or a neighborhood barbecue because it works whether you’re at home or on the go.

Zero Breeze is a Hot Campaign for Cooling Things Down

For the Kickstarter supporters who’ve already donated over $200,000 for this crowdfunding campaign, the appeal isn’t just staying cool in the summer heat. They like the multifunctional air conditioner because it also includes a smart phone charging station, a Bluetooth speaker, and a night light. The campaign runs until October 1 but thanks to enthusiastic donors, Zero Breeze has already doubled the earnings from its original $100,000 goal.

The Zero Breeze Development Process

Portable heaters have long been a welcome amenity for people at home and work who need a little extra warmth, but until now, the only way to bring the cooling with you was to turn on a fan, which just moves hot air around. Zero Breeze has a different design. Over the two years that the company spent developing the portable air conditioner, the inventers tested and improved on the rotary compressor concept that resulted in a minimalist form factor and a maximum air condition that really delivers cool air. The testing was extensive and there were several iterations, but Zero Breeze is portable cool.

How the Zero Breeze Works

By improving the mini-rotary compressor to meet the air conditioning requirements, the development team defied the traditional concept of electronic or fan cooling to realize the power of portable and DC-powered compressor cooling. With its highly efficient cooling conversion ratio that brings 120W of power out of 400W of refrigerating capacity, Zero Breeze can cool down a hot summer day and make give summer a new level of comfort. It’s capable of cooling 50 square feet of space down to 44 degrees. If you’re using Zero Breeze at home, you can plug it in and run the hose, which works like an exhaust pipe, out the window so that the hot air is released. You can use it if you’re camping but you need a little help roughing it on a hot, humid night; it’s also just what your college student needs for dormitory comfort.

Meet the Makers of Zero Breeze

If you’ve ever felt like you can’t beat the heat, now you can, thanks to the world’s coolest portable air conditioner. Zero Breeze, a small, self-funded, San Francisco-based company, has spent the last two years pouring its heart and resources into creating a quality product. They want their portable air conditioner to be affordable to everyone who welcomes relief from the heat; that means that they need to have a substantial initial production run to keep the costs under control. They’ve already invested substantially in the design process as they’ve prepared to bring Zero Breeze to the market, and with Kickstarter support, the first order will lower production costs. The seasons of the year just got a lot more comfortable thanks to Zero Breeze’s portable cooling.