The Adventures of Drunky, an R-rated Animated Comedy

The Adventures of Drunky, an R-rated Animated Comedy, centers around an unlikely hero – a sodden bar-fly named Drunky. Now, unbeknownst to Drunky and his friends, God and the devil make a pact that destroys Drunky’s world. Now, this unprepossessing hero must search Heaven and Hell to rescue his girlfriend. He is aided by two sidekicks, a tough street-cat and a demon.

The Adventures of Drunky features an amazing cast: Sam Rockwell provides the voice for Drunky; Steve Coogan as the devil; Nina Arianda plays Fancy; Jeffrey Tambor (Golden Globe Award Winner) is the Voice of God; and that is just the beginning of this f – fantastic cast! (Oops! Almost slipped there – the video is R-rated, but this article is not.) This team is directed by Aaron Augenblick. Augenblick has a pretty impressive line-up of animated videos, but this will be his first feature length film. He points out that in spite of previous successes, and in spite of their being several R-rated series films, the regular backers aren’t exactly lining up to finance the expenses for The Adventures of Drunky. Therefore, he has brought his film to the public in an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to let the public cast their votes for or against this unusual genre by contributing their hard-earned dollars.

The Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign indicates that the public is, indeed, ready for an R-rated feature length animated film. With only fourteen days left to go in this flexibly funded campaign, it has reached 93 percent of its $100,000 goal! That’s pretty amazing for an off-the-wall kind of film. (Even if some readers of the Indiegogo campaign page suspect that the main reason for the character’s name is to make it logical for all the bad things after him to shout, “Let’s get Drunky!”

There are plenty of sodden perks for supporters of the Drunky Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. The featured perk is, of course, your name in the credits and a digital copy of the film, along with a hand-written note listing Coogan’s favorite devil movies. You can get a call from Randy Pearlstein “all liquored up and in his most magical format.” Cast member Butera will do an impersonation for you – your choice of personage from a list, Dave Attell, in character as Belkor the demon, will do a curse for you. There is also an Ugly American shot glass, an Oscar the Cat poster, an Augenblick adult coloring book, an Oscar the Cat t-shirt, a whiskey coffee mug, a live-stream animation class (don’t miss that one, budding cartoonists) a chance to watch the rough cut (and critique it), an Ugly American t-shirt, a limited edition Drunky flask, a personalized drawing by Aaron – no pixels involved, real pen and ink, a ticket to the premier, a barcrawl with the staff from Augenblick studios, and a chance to be drawn in either as a barfly or a sex demon. Oh, wait…there’s more! You can be a hot angel in the movie, have lunch with Jeffrey Tambor, Augenblick Studios will animate your movie, and finally you can be listed as a producer! All of these things have their own separate price, of course, but all your monetary “votes” will be deeply appreciated.

If you are ready for something a little different in the way of entertainment, if you like a fast-paced story, and love animation but are mortally tired of watching stuff for little kids, then this is the animated feature-length cartoon movie for you. And you can help make it happen by signing up for one of these great perks – and sending the cash to cover the contribution level, of course.

This is the first animated feature made in Brooklyn – they think, maybe. It’s not been fact-checked yet, but it sounds good. One thing for sure is that it is Aaron Augenblick’s first 90 minute animated film. He says that he always wanted to make an animated film that looked like an underground comic book. Drunky will be his effort at doing just that. If you loved those disreputable rags, then this is the animated video for you. And, of course, your monetary votes truly count. That first $100,000? That will get Drunky designed and the thumbnails created. Even an animated feature takes a while and a lot of dough to create. It will take about twice that to get the whole thing properly done up and complete. Every bit of the  money pledged will go toward creating the film – paying the cast, the inking, the production – the whole bit.

The folks at Augenblick studios are one hundred percent behind this effort. They are ready to make a great film for you to enjoy.