Alpha 2 The Robot We’ve Always Dreamed Of

Alpha 2 The Robot We’ve Always Dreamed Of

Star Wars fans admittedly thrill to the action and drama of Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, but if we tell the truth, it’s the robots who won our hearts from the moment we first saw them on screen. We’ve been waiting for a robot to join the family ever since the days when the Jetsons had Rosie. Now, with Alpha 2, we’re getting a lot closer to that day. The mission of James Chow, the founder of Ubtech Robotics, Inc. is to create intelligent robots who can become part of the family and Alpha 2 is his latest innovation in the world of humanoid robots. Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign backers have caught the excitement and have donated over $1 million to make Chow’s dream a household reality.

What Alpha 2 Can Do

Alpha 2 multitasks like a human. Because he possesses face and voice recognition, he can personally engage with your entire family. He can help with dinner preparations. Alpha 2 brings the efficiency of a staff assistant to your everyday tasks.  He can make calls. He can check your voicemails. He can send texts and emails. Need a deejay? Alpha 2 is your man—er, robot. He takes photographs and records videos. Alpha 2 is like having a security guard on the premises because he can set WiFi-enabled alarms—something which you and your family often forget to do—as well as act as a remote security monitor. He’s able to control your smart appliances. He can even post on your social media sites.

How Alpha 2 Works

Alpha 2 is easy to use. You connect him to your WiFi network. By downloading the VAPP (Android and iOS), you’ll be able to control Alpha 2 and add additional functions. The open system of the Alpha Store is going to keep growing and adding apps, so you’re going to want to check often to see what’s new. It’s Ubtech’s version of continuing ed for Alpha 2.

The Alpha 2 Manufacutring Timeline

With Ubtech’s proven track record of bringing innovative technologies to market, Alpha 2 has a robotic genealogy that would make Rosie the Robot envious. Alpha 2 production had a February 2016 deadline for the assembling and packaging to begin at its Los Angeles site. After the manufacturing got underway, shipping to the United States, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Russia, the European Union, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa began. Alpha 2 is truly a world citizen.

What People Are Saying About Alpha 2

Gadget geeks and media experts alike are falling in love with Alpha 2. Engadget’s Andrew Tarantola says, “The Alpha 2 isn’t just nimble, it’s quite smart as well.” Steve Crowe of Robotics Trends notices the difference between Alpha 2 and other companion robots: “Alpha 2 actually has legs to move around. Andy Boxall of Digital Trends appreciates the congenial nature of the humanoid robot. “This friendly little robot will read stories to your kids, and teach you yoga.” Writing for GeekWire, Molly Brown provides housekeeping references for Alpha 4, “the humanoid robot that can pretty much do anything around the house.” In IEEE Spectrum, Evan Ackerman observes that “Alpha 2 has a similar design to many other hobby-class humanoids, but two things stand out: its potential for social interaction, and its extremely low cost.”

Alpha 2 is destined to become so integral to your household routine and your family unit that you might find yourself wondering if you can set up play dates with R2D2. But if you did that, how would you manage to function without him?