Angry PMN-EOD Challenge Coin Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign

The Angry PMN-EOD Challenge Coin Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign almost needs a dictionary for some portions of the population. Once the view realizes exactly what he or she is looking at, the Coin is pretty awesome. It is designed by Michael Lesperance of Red Wire Designs. It is a limited edition commemorative coin, with a twist. Allow me to unlimber my definition expertise, and explain just exactly how awesome it really is.

The Angry PMN- EOD Challenge Coin is shaped like a PMN Landmine. “Landmine” is probably in everyone’s vocabulary, but the PMN was a particularly nasty anti-personnel landmine constructed in the 1950s. It contained an exceptionally high amount of explosive in a Bakelite casing, and was just about the size of a man’s palm. Whereas most such mines might take off a soldier’s foot or leg, the PMN-1s carried a high probability of death. They are armed sort of like a grenade, only they don’t actually go off until someone or something steps on them.  So that brings us to our next definition: EOD. EOD stands for Explosive Ordinance Disposal. Thanks to humans being the argumentative sorts of creatures that they are, there are way too many places that have things like PMNs lying around. In order to make those places safe for activities like farming or building or even boating, someone has to go in and disarm those things. And that doesn’t even count the more active sorts of explosive type stuff that and EOD unit might have to deal with.  A military challenge is a set of tests that their people have to pass in order to qualify for certain jobs. The laundry list of things that the Navy requires of their Warrior Challenge, for example, is pretty stringent. So, an Angry PMN would be scary, and disarming it would make a serious EOD challenge. (This writer does not have a military background, so anyone who does, feel free to step in and make some corrections, as needed.) Explosive Ordinance Disposal isn’t exactly a career for the faint of heart.

Angry PMN EOD Challenge Coin

Michael Lesperance, the CEO of Red Wire Designs, LLC, is an EOD technician and an instructor at the Army Non-Commissioned Officer Academy, in Explosive Ordinance Disposal, Advanced Leader Course. If you go to the Red Wire Designs website, you will see some amazing designs, each of which makes a statement. For example, the Angry PMN Challenge Coin is shaped like a traditional PMN (only smaller), but on one side it has what the Kickstarter blurb describes as an illustration with a kawaii twist. Kawaii (here we go with the definitions again) is Japanese for “cute” and often refers to the cartoon style frequently referred to as “anime.” This illustration is an angry face with a pointed-toothed snarl – clearly showing the angry, lethal nature of a PMN – but taking it down a notch so it won’t scare our socks off. On the flip side is a military symbol with lightning bolts coming out of it encircled by the motto, “Initial Success or Total Failure” – a comment that is seriously frightening if you think about it even for a minute. The coins are 2.5 inches across at their widest point and are 4mm thick.

The Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign gives you, the crowdfunder, a chance to own one of these unique coins. They are a limited, numbered run. You have the option of requesting a particular number, but numbers are issued on a first-come, first-served basis, and they do not duplicate. The coins are beautifully crafted, and are an absolute steal at $12.00 each – they will retail at $15.00 each.

Redwire Designs, LLC, is veteran owned and also has active duty members. It is devoted to creating graphic designs and executing them in salable format. This can range from posters to t-shirts and to these amazing coins. (This is not Michael Lesperance’s first design.) Their blurb says that they cover designs that range from epic nerdiness to EOD and include both military and civilian items. The testimonials on the website include words like “meticulous attention to detail,” “patient with my requests,” and “honest.”

The current crowdfunding campaign has already surpassed its original goal, so you should have no worries at all about receiving your particular coin. If you want that special number, be sure to get your request in soon, however! There will also be an EOD Master Badge created, and the coins are available in batches as well as individually – and bids are matched accordingly. Even if you decide not to get one of these coins for yourself, be sure to visit the campaign page and take a look at the Redwire Designs website. There is some amazing stuff there, including some very wry humor, and all of it meticulously crafted.