AZAuth: Software that Bills for Timesaving

AZAuth: Software that Bills for Timesaving


Time is money. And conversely, money is time. It’s the job of computer software to accomplish jobs quickly so that time moves faster, and money is saved. That’s why the start-up company LTD, founded by Italian-born Alberto Zuin and currently based in the United Kingdom, has launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to raise 3,500 pounds by August 22. Software that is swift and secure is always the sought-after destination for the programming journey; software that can streamline your business model so you save time and money through billing is a costsavings coup.

Zuin’s company has developed AZAuth, an open source, high-speed Oauth2 server that saves time and money and is ideal for business use because it’s integrated with the billing module. The billing philosophy for every payment gateway is unique, but AZAuth has found a way to be compatible with all of them, providing the user with an application that can subtract money from the balance by using a simple API. The company was able to integrate its Oauth2 server with Stripe to facilitate user billing that maximizes security and speed, the ultimate goal of software developers.


Have you noticed that the drawback to the social network API (Oauth2) protocol is the slow speed when it’s used remotely because the user has to be authenticated at every API request? The process as it’s currently working divides a complete application into an API-only web application within an interface such as a mobile app or a Javascript-only web interface. The goal of the AZAuth is to eliminate the need for repetitive password authentication because the validity can be verified at every individual API request but without the usual slowdowns. Another mark against the slowdown is the fact that the user is billed, so having a secure site for both authentication and billing is a huge advantage in time.

The AZAuth operating system shares standard features like those belonging to Google and Twitter. But Zuin wants the product to be even better, and that means not only more security but also to use it as a springboard to create an open-source community. So that everyone could use it at no charge, it was released in open source, which promotes universal access and redistribution of a design, including subsequent innovations that are made to it.

The intention for the crowdfunding money is to complete the coding after much testing; add PayPal to the payment gateway providers list; make it possible to use social networks for links and login; support more testing to guarantee security; integrate with SMS in order to have two-factor authentication; develop documentation for installation and configuration; and support even more testing to absolutely guarantee security.

Rewards to donors include an audio registration from the author; a text link on the sponsor web page; sponsor highlighting on the home page; customization of texts, layouts, and emails; installation of the application on a VM on the donor infrastructure; adding a desired feature.

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