Badazz Shaving Brushes, Turn Back History, and Shave Like Yesterday

Badazz Shaving Brushes, Turn Back History, and Shave Like Yesterday

Did you ever wonder how men shaved back before Gillette triple blades and electric razors? Not so far back as when men shaved with a single edged razor or maybe even their hunting knife; but definitely before disposables and aerosol shaving cream.

Here’s the way it worked: First the guy would lay out his shaving gear. That would include a soft-bristled, stiff, round shaving brush; a ceramic cup-like container of shaving soap; and a safety razor. For those of you not old enough to remember one of these, they were a mechanical holder for a double-edged razor blade. Since “safety” is a relative, other items included a styptic pencil to treat nicks and a bottle of astringent face lotion. With everything assembled, he would dampen the brush with warm water, then use it to work up a good lather in the soap cup. Still working with the brush, he would lather up his whiskers. Then he would carefully use the safety razor to scrape off any accumulated growth. It was a mystical process, guaranteed to draw an audience of small children and to excite envy in the hearts of pre-adolescent boys. It wasn’t a fast process, but those who have used this shaving method swear that it will give you the cleanest, closest shave of your life.

BadAzz Badger Shave Brushes

You can indulge in this ritualistic method of removing facial hair by investing in the Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign for Badazz Shave Brushes by Hot-off-the-Lathe. Cory Smithson and his wife make a variety of things, including peppermills and shave brushes using a lathe. They recently adopted two little girls, and have decided that it is now time to be able to use their garage as a garage. They’ve been in business for six years, and make beautifully turned handles for shaving brushes, peppermills and even duck calls. The items are made from acrylic or wood, and are truly works of art.

A $1.00 donation will get you a hearty thank you. For $25.00, you will receive a handsome, lathe-turned, acrylic pen. For $50.00, you will receive a Badazz shaving brush with a waterproof, lathe-turned handle. For $100.00, Hot-off-the-Lathe will include a stainless-steel safety razor and a bar of organic shaving soap. While this might seem like a primitive set of gear, keep in mind that it is completely environmental friendly, does not require batteries to use and that the price of replacement blades for the safety razor compare quite favorably to the price for those triple-blade disposables. If that doesn’t persuade you, then consider the mystique of this historical shaving method.

While you are deciding whether or not to contribute, take a look at the website for Hot-off-the-Lathe. They turn out some truly classy items, including the shaving brushes, duck calls, handmade pencils, peppermills, pens, and hand-painted wall hangings. In supporting this crowdfunding campaign, you will not only be keeping alive a time-honored masculine ritual, but you will also be support some very fine handicrafts – as well as making room for two little girls.

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