Banish Stress with the WellBe Bracelet

The WellBe Wearable Banishes Stress.

How are you feeling? You probably answer that question with a generic response or else you provide a litany of aches and pains from physical ailments. But what would you do if someone asked you “How’s your head?” Unless you’re suffering from a concussion or a throbbing migraine, you probably don’t even include “head health” in your assessment. But if you sometimes feel like a poster child for “The Scream,” you know that what’s going on in your head has a lot to do with how the rest of you feels. Research has proven that stress negatively impacts all aspects of human life and the longer the stress lasts, the worse you feel. Zach Sivan and Doron Libshtein, seasoned hi-tech industry executives and authors on wellness, are aware that the hidden health issues can seriously deplete our physical wellbeing. The co-founders of WellBe have developed an elegant, lightweight bracelet and mobile app that’s designed to signal your stress triggers and provide you with an immediate solution to alleviate the cause.  Billed as the world’s first therapy bracelet, the wearable’s patent-pending algorithm can monitor your heart rate to evaluate your stress level based on the time of day, your location, and the people you encounter throughout the day. It looks as though you’ll be seeing quite a few of them this Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign has already earned over $45,000 in financial support with a month remaining before the deadline.

Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign for Zach Sivan’s WellBe.

The WellBe team, a group of entrepreneurs  with dozens of combined years of experience in mobile health an digital wellbeing solutions along with mobile technology expertise, came together to create a device that detects what your own personal stress triggers are, and then provides you with personalized exercises, including meditation, that can immediately get rid of the stress you’re experiencing. The components that make up the WellBe bracelet and mobile app are state of the art and based on a scientific foundation of research. The formula converts stress into tranquility, first by interpreting the stress triggers that send your “inner Scream” into overdrive, and then with mindfulness exercises that include meditations, focused breathing, guided imagination, and personalized programs and playlists.

The WellBe App.

The WellBe app, which is compatible with iPhone and Android, offers 7-day, 14-day, and 21-day programs delivered by experienced mentors through the Mentors Channel who will offer encouragement to help you adopt the wellbeing habit. The app measures your stress level so that you can become aware of the environment that agitates your anxiety. By measuring your stress overt time, you gain a perception of what is affecting your mood. As the WellBe alerts you that your stress is rising, the app provides an immediate solution so that the stress doesn’t accumulate because meditations and exercises are on the way. With the programs that are customized to suit your personal stress profile, you will be able to relieve stress throughout the day. Because the WellBe measures the variations in your stress and calmness levels as you practice the exercises, you will be able to see for yourself the “before and after” effect of each program.

The WellBe bracelet sends the app information on your stress levels every hour. To take advantage of this regular monitoring, you can set the app to send an alert when your stress levels exceed a designated level. With the alert will come an exercise or meditation to help you reduce stress and restore calm without delay.

The Sustainable Wellbe.

Letting stress control your life is like allowing a thief to come into your house and rob you. Stress robs you of good health, leaving you with the acknowledged negative effects of high blood pressure and heart disease, headaches, fatigue, sleeping disorders and digestive problems, obesity and aging. The longer stress rules your life, the more powerful its lingering effects on your health. A Harvard study supports the benefits of mindfulness on the body based on research that has shown how meditation, because it influences the brain’s gray matter, allows the body and the brain to age better.

Lightweight, durable and soft against your skin, the WellBe is make from cork. Believing that the environment is more than just the trees outside and the sky above, WellBe was designed to interact holistically and sustainably with the world you live in. Besides, as Sivan puts it, “We thought that the WellBe users do not need yet another screen in their lives.” That meant that plastic and silicon were out of the question. But cork, beautiful, strong, and durable, feels good to the touch. It’s natural and peeling it from an oak tree is good for the tree. Think of it this way: by wearing the WellBe, a tree is hugging you. The metal components of the bracelet consist of high quality stainless steel so that the WellBe is as esthetically pleasing to the eye as it is harmoniously attuned to the spirit.

If you’re ready to learn good, healthy habits that will alleviate the stress in your life, the WellBe is the next step on the path to wellness.