How to Promote Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfunding is entrepreneurial multitasking at its most inclusive. Whether you’re a high-powered business partner in a business suit or a novice in a tee-shirt, jeans, and flip-flops, remember that the wardrobe does not make the campaign, promotion does; if you’re going to bring in those backers and their dollars, you need to be able to promote your crowdfunding campaign with flair. In order to run a successful crowdfunding campaign, you’re going to need to don numerous hats. But what if your project consumes all of your energy and zeal and you have nothing left for the marketing aspect? That’s where Crowdfunding Services comes to the rescue with solutions to project creators


Crowdfunding Services is the leading advertising company promoting individual crowdfunding campaigns, with a stunning range of organizational and media outreach tools.

By choosing the package that best suits your project budget, your campaign focus, and your marketing needs, your crowdfunding campaign can be promoted with expertise and intuition. Crowdfunding Services offers three different crowdfunding marketing packages that are both tailored to fund your project and entice the crowd that hasn’t realized yet that they want to back you. They don’t realize it yet because you haven’t had the opportunity yet to select the perfect crowdfunding promotion.

The three packages are Visibility Booster ($449); Campaign Optimizer ($1049); and Ultimate Crowdfunder ($2899).

All three packages include the crowdfunding PR tools that will get your campaign noticed. The Visibility Booster is the foundation for all three of the packages, so that you can shine a light on your campaign. The Visibility Booster includes an exclusive E-book on how to run a successful campaign; a media list of journalists, Twitter accounts with crowdfunding ties, bloggers and online influences; a series of email templates designed to both engage and mobilize your audience; an article published at a leading crowdfunding portal; a professionally written press release that’s indexed on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and Ask; reviews posted in two targeted forums to engage with those communities; and two reviews in influential blogs matched to your particular crowdfunding category.

Not bad. For less than $500, you’ve got a marketing campaign that’s just put your project on center stage. Crowdfunding, you’re ready for your close-up.

kickstart your crowdfunding campaign by crowdfunding services

If you want all this and more, the Campaign Optimizer might be right for you. In addition to all the prime communications tools in the Visibility Booster package, the Campaign Optimizer increases your campaign engagement with three influential reviews, three targeted forums, two sponsored Facebook posts and two promoted tweets, with an aggressive promotional campaign that boosts your campaign’s exposure and attracts more followers so that you can reach millions of supporters. This package will promote your content with marketing campaigns that direct your message to premium sites like Yahoo!, Forbes, the Examiner, Fox News, and ABC, CBS, and NBC News. A campaign banner will be placed in prime website real estate to entice potential backers who might otherwise have slipped away to someone else’s project.

You like the visibility enhancement, you’re attracted to the optimization, and you still want more for your campaign. The Ultimate Crowdfunder is for you as it rolls out the crowdfunding promotion Cadillac, with two professionally written press releases; reviews posted in five target forums; five reviews in influential blogs related to the category of your crowdfunding project; and three sponsored Facebook posts and promoted tweets. Content will be promoted on premium publisher sites for15 days; there will be three strategically placed banners on high quality websites; and three sponsored articles that will get much more exposure than a single article. You’ll love the mobile advertising that reaches potential backers via their cell phones with an interactive ad to encourage direct contributions to the project. Finally, there’s video advertising on the most reliable news and entertainment sites on the web during the hours when viewers are most likely to be watching.

Which package is right for you? Contact Crowdfunding Services to find out for sure!