Bolt Drones: The Future of First Person View Flying

Bolt Drones: A Whole New Flight Experience

First Person View (FPV) piloting and racing with drones is the ready-to-fly future for everyone who’s been searching for virtual reality that leaves the ground. Offering cutting-edge technology with a cut-rate cost, the Bolt Drone is the creation of a team of thrill-seekers consisting of a military veteran, engineer, and a product designer who are enthusiastic about drones and what they c an do. When the team couldn’t find a complete ready-to-fly FPV drone bundle that was affordable, they went the DIY route so that other fans can benefit from their work.
The creative team’s objectives are to introduce as many people as possible to the FPV drone experience. In order to do this, they followed a rigorous design and engineering process to manufacture the product with high quality materials. That’s enabled the team—FAA-licensed drone cinematographer San; rocket scientist Stephen; product designer Matthew—to provide a drone that’s ready to fly when it’s taken out of the box and needs no assembly or tools. They’ve made sure of the safety of the drone so that it’s easy for beginners to pick up the skill. Backed by a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign that has already raised $144,000, well over its original $100,000 goal with almost a month to go, the Bolt Drone can make sure that its fans have no fear of flying!

Bolt drone


Line of Sight Flying with the Bolt Drone

This is the best option for beginners who will benefit from the altitude stabilization and the beginner’s mode. All you need to do is turn the Bolt Drone on along with the controller. You can take off as the drone and controller will sync up and pair. You’ll quickly learn how to control your Bolt Drone safely.

Screen on Controller Flying with the Bolt Drone

Moving up from the beginner level to expand your skills, you just attach the screen to the controller and begin to pilot the drone farther away. The drone’s camera automatically will sync with the screen to broadcast a live high-definition feed. When you mount the screen on the controller, you’re all set to go.

First Person View Flying with the Bolt Drone

You’re not a beginner any more, and that means that you’re now ready for the complete First Person View flying experience. Once you swap the screen into the FPV goggles, you’ll be fully immersed in First Person View flying, an exhilarating drone experience that lets you pilot the drone and cruise high in the sky.

bolt drone control

The Bolt Drone Design

With its unique, innovative FPV viewing system, the Bolt Drone allows seamless transition from traditional viewing on controller to FPV viewing with goggles. All you need to do is slide the screen into the goggles for FPV racing and piloting, or, if recreational flying is your goal, swap the screen back to the controller. The Bolt Drone comes with: a carbon fiber frame that’s durable and lightweight; HD photo and video recording; 5.8 ghz receiver/transmitter; long-life batteries; altitude stabilization that makes piloting easier; adjustable flying speeds that run the gamut from first-timers to long-timers; quick part replacement, and a best-in-the-industry 18-month warranty. With all of these features, Bolt Drone flying brings you to a level of excitement that you’ve never experienced before. If you want to extend the excitement even more, just give FPV drone racing a try. This new sport, rapidly spreading worldwide, lets drone pilots use their goggles to race around different obstacles as they compete against one another to see who has the fastest times. The future of recreational flying is in your hands!