Build Civilization by Traveling The Flow of History

Build Civilization by Traveling The Flow of History

Before you decide that any game with history in its title is an invitation to a yawnfest, just consider what class would have been like if, instead of dry and boring textbooks that preached dates and deeds without ever getting into the action, you could have been building a civilization. Jessi Li, the creator of The Flow of History, is known for designing innovative civilization games that shake the dust off history and serve it up in tabletop game format. When Michael Mindes, the founder and CEO of Tasty Minstrel Games, attended SmooxCon (think ProtoSpiele for all of Taiwan) a little more than a year ago, he playtested a game in another language and was thoroughly beaten. So what did he do next? He decided that he had to be the one to publish the game so that it could be introduced to a wider audience.

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Flow of History – Deluxified™ and Updated

That game, of course, is The Flow of History. Mindes’ company, Tasty Minstrel Games, has pledged to publish amazing and stimulating games that set a high mark for excellence. They’ve proven their talent for choosing games that people can’t wait to play, and Orleans, Yokohama, and Chimera Station have established the impressive standard that the company upholds. Jessi Li’s past creations, Ponzi Scheme and Guns & Steel, confirmed that he knows how to design a game that restores history to its compelling roots. Together, Tasty Minstrel Games and Jesse Li are continuing a tradition of excellence.

The Flow of History’s Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign

The game also continues Tasty Minstrel’s Games’ Kickstarter crowdfunding legacy. The company ran successful crowdfunding campaigns for Orleans, Yokohama, and Chimera Station, and the results so far prove that The Flow of History is going to maintain that profitable tradition. With more than three weeks remaining in the campaign, backers have pledged nearly $50,000. Not bad, considering that the original goal is $20,000. Tasty Minstrel Games, which now numbers 11 people in the company, doesn’t just publish games that are amazing to play; they deliver games that are amazing to look at as well. The additional cost for The Flow of History’s Deluxified™ components isn’t going to provide extra profit, but the quality is worth it. The company is only making the Deluxified™ version through crowdfunding for Kickstarter supporters, some replacement copies, and some limited quantity convention sales.

Building a Nation with The Flow of History

Civilizations come and go, but each one has its moment of glory before a new nation rises up from the ashes of the past to establish itself as the reigning power. The Flow of History, with 67 civilization cards, 72 punchboard resource tokens, 5 reference cards and 5 custom wooden player markers, lets players develop their nations by using a unique bidding/price-setting mechanism for purchasing new cards. But keep in mind that what you pay might end up as an asset for someone else, creating a potential twist on the bidding strategy and simulating economic inflation later in the game.

Keeping Current with The Flow of History’s Timeline

Thanks to its experienced staff, Tasty Minstrel Games has turned into an established small games company with the goal of maintaining active communication with its backers. For The Flow of History campaign’s first seven days, updates were posted at least once every 48 hours. The comments page on the site has been monitored and questions answered by the staff members during normal business hours. A regular communication schedule will be maintained during the entire campaign and whenever new, pertinent information about the campaign is available, it will be relayed to the Kickstarter community backers. Don’t worry if time goes by and you haven’t heard anything new; that just means that everything is proceeding as expected and all is well.


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