Catastrophe! Dances with Cat Cogliandro

Cat Cogliandro & catastrophe! The Story of Stories.

Cat Cogliandro would like to invite you to catastrophe! In case that sounds just a little hostile, keep in mind that her version of catastrophe! is designed to welcome you into a realm where imagination kicks up its heels and partners the audience in an expression of artistic individuality. Coming in as the second runner up in the 2015 Capezio A.C.E Awards has provided a winning opportunity for the catastrophe! Dance Company, a lively group of musical movers that passionately believes in individuality, opinions, imaginations, and escaping through art. Yes, life is full of catastrophes and that’s exactly what makes catastrophe! get up and dance, because they know that music evokes emotion and inspires movement.

On August 2, this West Coast catastrophe! with East Coast roots will present The Story of Stories, their very first show. The support of the Kickstarter crowdfunding community will enable the dancers to deliver a performance that is as professional as it is energetic, and as imaginative as it is well trained.

Cat Cogliandro Team members

Cat Cagliandro’s Kickstarter Campaign.

The dance company’s crowdfunding campaign, with more than three weeks remaining before its deadline, has already surpassed its original $8,000 goal. The funds will be used for costume and lighting design, documentation, compensation for the dancers, rental of studio space, and promotional materials. As Cat Cagliandro explains it, “Rehearsal space is Pac-man to my bank account, gobbling up hundreds of dollars per week.” The talent that makes catastrophe! come alive is made up of dancers, photographers, cinematographers, a costume designer and a lighting designer whose contributions to the production deserve to be compensated for their hard work and beautiful artistry. In addition, promotion is crucial to make sure that the show can be experienced to its full potential. Social media marketing, the key to contemporary publicity, is a full-time job. Making this Kickstarter campaign a success is a catastrophe! that we can all anticipate with delight.

Who is Cat Cogliandro?

Cat Cogliandro, who was born and raised in Houston, Texas, is currently part of the faculty of The Edge and Movement Lifestyle in Los Angeles. A guest teacher at the Broadway Dance Center and Millennium Dance Complex, she has been a teacher for Joffrey West, The Pulse on Tour Teacher Workshop, Open Call, Soul De Soul Dance Convention and Celebrity Dance Convention. With a BFA in dance from SUNY Purchase and a professional resume that includes working with choreographers like Cherice Barton, Al Blackstone, Tyce Diorio, Mike Esperanza, Jason Gorman, and others, Cogliandro was named one of Dance Spirit Magazine’s “Fresh Voices: 13 of the World’s Hottest Young Choreographers.” She can also be seen dancing in the film Supporting Characters.

catastrophe! Dances with Cat Cogliandro

Meet Cat Cogliandro’s catastrophe!

The catastrophe! Dance Company, which was born two years ago, has performed at The Young Choreographers Festival, Raw, The Pulse on Tour Showcase, Sirens After Dark, Club Jete, The Edge Scholarship Show and Carnival. They got their start in New York City but today you’ll find them based in Los Angeles, from where they dream of going on tour so that they can dance their way across the world. The catastrophe! family trains rigorously, sharing together the triumphs of talent and the dynamic thrill of celebrating dance as a uniquely evocative means of expression. Life is full of catastrophes and adventures, Cogliandro acknowledges. “And our dance is a celebration of all those things.” It is, she says, “a celebration of life.”

catastrophe! Comes to the Stage.

A successful Kickstarter campaign is the fuel that can get the show moving forward to meet its global intentions. In return for your support, says Cogliandro, the dance company promises to reimburse donors tenfold by “hitting the pause button on reality and sending you face first into a whimsical abyss of your imagination.”

This is a catastrophe! that no one can resist.