Celebrate the human spirit with Mary Lambert’s Bold EP

Bold EP Boldly Goes Where Music Needs to Be

For the listening pleasure of her “babeliest of babes,” singer Mary Lambert has once again
turned to music for an unabashed endorsement of doing and being whatever you damn well please. For Lambert, that meant opting for Kickstarter crowdfunding support instead of a record label for her most recent collection of funny pop songs that touch the heart and tickle the funny bone. The EP is finished, but the mixing, mastering, design, printing and distribution still remain to be done and that’s where Kickstarter support really kicks in. She says, “I believe that YOU are the record label I have been looking for.” For all the backers who’ve combined to pledge over $53,000, more than doubling her her original $20,000 goal, that means joining forces with one of the most original voices in contemporary music to create Bold EP, a collection of songs that celebrate being fat, bipolar, gay, and wonderfully, satisfyingly, yourself.

Bold EP

Bold EP Brings on the Laughs

Lambert wouldn’t be who she is if she didn’t have a sense of humor that permeates her music. She regards the songs in this collection as some of the funniest pop songs she’s ever created. The videos for Hang Out With You and Lay Your Head Down have already been released but there are other songs that are still waiting to be heard. She’s even produced three of the EP’s songs.

How Bold EP Got Here

There’s no doubt about it, Mary Lambert has been busy since she launched her first EP on Kickstarter five years ago. Since then, she’s become an official college graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in music. She met Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and after the song Same Love took off, she toured for three years, won a VMA, signed with Capitol Records, joined Madonna in song at the Grammys while Queen Latifah performed the nuptial ceremony for a group of same-sex couples, released She Keeps Me Warm and was nominated for a 2014 Grammy Song of the Year, released Secrets, a song about coming to tranquil terms with mental illness that was certified RIAA Gold and hit Number One on Billboard’s Dance Chart, was featured in the JC Penney plus-size clothing campaign, Here I Am, partnered with the National Park Service as a Centennial Ambassador, was honored as a Department of Health and Human Services chairperson for speaking out on the subject of mental illness, and spoke at the United Nations on the need for familial safety and inclusiveness for LGBT youth. With an itinerary that extended from public service to the arts, Lambert’s credentials prove that when she sings, her lyrics come to life.

The Unicorn Queen Leaves Capital Records for Bold EP’s Independence

The split was amicable, but in 2016, Lambert and her record label, Capitol, came to a parting of the ways, which brought her to a creative crossroads. She no longer had the financial line of credit that a label artist can count on, and that made her nervous as she tried to figure out how she could launch Bold without a budget. On the other hand, not being under the pressure of having to make music for profit relieved anxiety and let the “Unicorn Queen” write music and poems—and even a musical—like crazy. She realized that her music is about the connection she has with her fans and the relationship that her music has built with the people who cherish her message, whether it’s through shows, social media, or the grocery store.

Bold EP Makes the Connection

Lambert says, “Connection is what it’s always been about” and she’s confident that her backers value that connection as much as she does. It’s not easy to ask for help but on the other hand, she treasures the essence of humanness that results when people meet one another with open arms. Connecting with Bold EP means connecting with who you are. So if you feel like laughing and crying at the same time, you’re invited to the party.