Change Your World with Rhino Hammer

A Hammer that is absolutely one of A kind

A hammer is a simple tool, but it is not very esthetic. Worse yet, it is easily misplaced. What if there was a hammer that was so cute, so utterly adorable that it could sit on your desk as a paperweight? But not too cute – it should look at home on a trim, minimalist desk as well as one that frilly or heavily decorated.

The Rhino Hammer

Enter, the Rhino Hammer. At first glance it looks like a stylized, seated rhinoceros and it can serve as a decorative paperweight, blending with nearly any desk décor. The finished Rhino Hammer will be available in white, black, gray, the special edition silvery gray. Remove the head from the Rhino paperweight, screw out the hidden handle, and you instantly have a nicely balanced, small hammer that is ready to tackle those small jobs such as hanging pictures, placing tacks in difficult places or a million other small jobs. With Rhino Hammer sitting on your desk, you will never again have to search for a hammer when you need it. All you will need to do is to pick up your paperweight – an item that is often used as a substitute hammer – pull out the hammer, assemble it, and go to work. When you are finished, it can go back into its holder and again become a cute, decorative paperweight.

Development of Rhino Hammer

The Rhino Hammer idea, designed by iThinking, began in April of 2016. It was based on the idea that it is easier to do a job with the right tools, and that if the tools are decorative they can be stored in plain sight where they are easy to find. The hammer first went through concept designing, then mechanical designing and then to product testing. Then came mold building, and the first functional prototypes. The Rhino Hammer will be made in Taiwan, but as nearly everyone knows, it takes a lot of money to hire a factory to produce a product in sufficient quantities to sell it. Which brings us to the next phase of Rhino Hammer: The Kickstarter.

Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign

The Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign began in August, and with 29 days yet to run, it has already exceeded its base goal. However, there are still stretch goals to fulfill and you can still make a contribution toward gaining one of these unique, decorative and useful hammers for your desk. There are a variety of packages available, ranging from one hammer for your own desk to a commercial retail package suitable for a retail seller. Prices for available packages range from $43 for a classic Rhino Hammer in black, white or gray or $46 for the Rhino Special edition to $2640 for the retailer package, which contains 25 full packs. A full pack is a set of one each of the three classic colors, plus one special edition, and are available for $154. Some reward sections are already sold out, so don’t wait too long before ordering.

The team at iThinking has created, not a better mousetrap, but a better hammer. One would not think that so simple a tool could be improved – but this concept provides genuine value. It is a charming paperweight suitable for any desk until it is needed. Then it is a rugged, short-handled mallet that can take on those jobs that crop up in any office or home setting. Although it is cute enough to double as a child’s toy, it is very much a real hammer that will stand up to a variety of carpentry jobs. The Rhino Hammer has received excellent reviews from a number of sources.