CHEMystery#1, Comics for Science (Education) Fun

CHEMystery#1, Comics for Science (Education) Fun


Educators, this is a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign made for you – and even better – for your students. CHEMystery#1, features comics for science (education) fun. Christopher, owner of Atomic, is a chemistry teacher who wants to use comic books to teach science education; Josh graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2012, and is the artist for Atomic Universe. Together they are creating the CHEMystery comic books. The series will feature Gran (the best grandma ever), Suzie and Diego. Through a series of adventures and misadventures, the cousins will encounter a variety of chemicals. The illustrated story will bring situations to life for students, engaging them in the mysterious functions of chemistry in ways that make chemical reactions engaging and personal.

The sample page that is displayed on the CHEMystery#1: Science Education in Comic Form shows Diego and the rest of the family celebrating Suzie’s birthday. As Suzie blows out her candles, Diego (who never eats anything but chicken nuggets) inhales a big whiff of the fumes from the fancy, decorated numeral candles on her cake. He falls down, holding his stomach and moaning. No one else seems to have had ill effects. What can have happened to Diego?

Kickstarters, it looks as if we are going to have to wait for the comic to be finished in order to find out the significance of the illustration that lists cadmium, selenium and arsenic along with their effects on the human body. What did Diego do to make himself sick? Or did he even do it?

CHEMystery #1

If this is a sample of the engaging adventures cousins Suzie and Diego will have, readers are sure to sympathize with Gran – who is going to have her hands full looking after them. More than that, readers will learn about chemistry in an engaging environment – beautifully illustrated comic books. Chris, has been working toward these comics for years – while teaching and doing science consulting for comic books. Josh’s art work brings his concept to life with captivating portrayals of the characters and well-drawn scenes.

Rewards for backing this project begin with a digital copy of the comic book, once it is completed. Additional rewards include (at appropriate levels), a print copy, hard cover copy, t-shirt and a hand-drawn molecule and thank you. You can also receive one hour of chemistry tutoring over Skype, a 25 unit classroom set of the comic, get your picture in the comic, or even get written in as a major character.

The money raised by the crowdfunding campaign will be used primarily to complete the art. However, portions of it will be used for printing, fees and shipping. Stretch goals for the project include sending everyone a digital background print exclusive; a copy of the script for everyone; Copies of editions #2, #3 and #4.

Fred Van Lente of Howtoons is quoted as saying “All hail cake science! This is a great way to teach chemistry to younger readers, and give older readers a brush-up. Well done.” Also, Brain Browne, New Jersey chemistry teacher, noted that CHEMystery #1 will be “An excellent supplemental resource for the chemistry classroom!”

Christopher Preece is available for interviews and appearances, science presentations, media appearances, interviews, and/or book-signings. To make arrangements, send email to

CHEMystery #1

CHEMystery#1 is currently featured on Atomic The website features comics about science and science fiction, including titles such as Two-Fisted Science and Adventures Inside the Atom. It also displays interviews of comic creators; a video of the panel discussion, “Comics Under a Microscope,” which was moderated by Chris; and a variety of related interviews and creative projects. CHEMystery, when complete, will be the shining star in this collection of resources.

The title, Comics for Science (Education) Fun is making a little bit of a joke – but also making a big point. The CHEMystery#1: Science Education in Comic Form will engage students and make learning fun by presenting a mystery that can only be solved through understanding the chemistry involved – and that’s where the hidden education part comes in. Chris and Josh could easily become classroom superheroes as their well-written and beautifully illustrated vignettes make chemistry accessible to students in a format that is so much fun they won’t even notice they are learning.

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