The Cinch! The Ultimate Pop-up Tent

The Cinch! The Ultimate Pop-up Tent

Why should roughing it have to be all that rough? With the Cinch!, the ultimate pop-up tent, camping adapts to the ease of modern living while allowing for a more enjoyable outdoor experience. The evolution began with the first-generation tent that was delivered to hundreds of crowdfunding backers all over the world. The latest version, the Cinch!, has a heat-reflective cover, enhanced solar power, and an extended canopy offering 75% more space while delivering the size, quality and durability of a high-spec dome tent. Even with all these features, it that can be packed into a small rucksack in no time at all. Why should you have to sacrifice space for the convenience of a pop-up? Why not have both? The Cinch! gives you an enormous internal area plus two large porches that double as storage areas. If you need any more evidence of the product’s popularity, consider that that current Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign has brought in more than $300,000, well above the original $38,000 target goal.

Go Solar with Cinch!

The Cinch! Knows that today’s camper doesn’t want to be stranded from twenty-first convenience. The Cinch! comes with an optional solar power pack that lets you keep your mobile phone, speakers, and USB gadgets charged up, thanks to a capacity that’s three times that of the previous model. You can even charge two devices at the same time, thanks to the solar panel on the tent roof that connects to a 13,000 mA-h power bank on the inside with its two USB ports. There’s enough electricity stored to let you charge your iPhone six times.

The Cinch! Stays Cool in the Sun

If you’ve gone camping in the summer, you know that the typical tent absorbs the heat for the sun and then traps it inside the insulating fabric. The Cinch! has an optional heat-regulating blackout canopy that’s made from ultra-reflective material. Whether you attach it through the day or overnight so that you can enjoy a cool wake-up in the morning, the canopy works as a radiant barrier. It’s easy to store; when you’re not using it, you just fold it up and store in inside your tent pocket. Because the Cinch!, unlike most pop-up tents, is double-skinned, it prevents condensation. With its extra-thick groundsheet, you can count on comfort no matter what’s underneath you, and thanks to the way the groundsheet is stitched to the outer tent, water and bugs can’t get in. The outer layer of the tent is made of a fabric that’s three times the industry standard for waterproofing. You’ll love the two entrances because of the instant ventilation if the inside feels too warm.

Cinch! Makes Camping Easier

It’s not just an excess of sun that can make a camping trip an exercise in the misery of Mother Nature. Rain can ruin an outing too. But the Cinch! Has an extended canopy that increases the tent’s living space by an additional 75%, allowing you to take shelter from the elements while you cook, eat, or just take it easy outside the tent.

The Cinch! Creator

It’s no surprise that the Cinch! is the creation of a lifelong camping enthusiast. Jake Jackson loved camping, but his passion had turned into a quest to find the right tent for festivals and wilderness weekends. When he couldn’t find what he was looking for, he decided to do it himself. His ambition was to create a tent that made camping easy, affordable, and fun without draining the camper’s time and money, not to mention sanity! His first prototype came to life in 2009 in his mother’s garage because he didn’t have enough space in his workshop. Before long, he was making the tents for other campers.  That was when he realized that camping was a business and he was a businessman. Thanks to his creativity and crowdfunding, camping is a Cinch!