Community Leader takes part in a Crowdfunding World Summit

Community Leader takes part in a Crowdfunding World Summit

Crowdfunding World SummitCrowdFunding World Summit has finally come to fruition after gathering interviews for months from provocative and crowdfunding experts from all over the world. Here is a look at what is expected during this great event.

The summit is a 13 day event which starts today and will include more than 65 experts in different industries and speakers from US Congress members, case studies of successes achieved by various crowdfunding platforms and a look at rules and regulations currently governing this industry as well as pending rules.

According to Joseph Barinsonzi, the CEO of CommunityLeader Inc, the event will provide a great opportunity of exploring crowdfunding in and out. He says that he can’t wait to listen to other industry leaders and speakers and he believes that anyone with an interest in crowdfunding is going to find the thought of presentations quite provoking.

CommunityLeader is one of the top providers of crowdfunding websites platform software and several services for investing in online securities market. The company has managed to develop great practices methodology which provides investors and issuers with a compliant and seamless way of engaging.

Mark Perlmutter who founded the Web Summits Inc says that CommunityLeader has made a significant contribution in building a workable infrastructure for peer to peer lending. During his CrowdFunding World Summit presentation, Joseph shares very useful info about crowdfunding to those seeking money, investing or offering support services.

The main objective of CrowdFunding World Expo is educating members of the public about options available for investment and provides small businesses with info about new funding methods they can look out for. Those attending the event are going to listen to small business experts informing them of how crowdfunding can change the field radically and the way it may disinter mediate ultimately money managers at Wall Street. By using social media effectively, business owners are able to raise ample amount of funds from their community directly and meet their different needs as they continue to grow. Equity crowdfunding can improve terms of financing significantly and also lower the cost of getting such funds for all sized businesses regardless of where they are located in the world.

Barisonzi continues to say that he was very excited in sharing a community oriented vision of crowdfunding which places more focus on Main Street funding than lottery for the new big thing like Facebook. The attendees will also have an opportunity of listening to Barisonzi discussing about the full service portal provided by CommunityLeader on software and services. CommunityLeader provides service and software for organizations such as broker dealers that want to link prospective investors and private companies effectively with a platform that facilitates compliant of crowdfunding offerings based on securities.

The company develops and launches customized white-labeled platforms which encompass unique brand of the operator and a crowd funding ecosystem. Besides the summit being free, David Pricco, an editor at also says that the presentation he is going to give at CrowdFunding World Summit is the main reason why he signed up for the event.