Corona Blossom: A Visual Novel from Frontwing

Corona Blossom is a visual novel from Frontwing. If you are not familiar with the genre, visual novels are video games with a guided storyline that provides interactive game play as the reader/player moves through the plot. This particular story is about a boy, Keiji Osaki, who can repair machines, but isn’t particularly fond of them. However, when he fails his college classes, he comes home to work in his father’s machine shop. It seems that dad makes VORKS, a type of fighting robot. Major changes come to his life when he discovers a life form attached to a meteorite – an intelligent life-form that transforms into a girl shape that is very like one that was important to Keiji – a rather innocent girl who imprints on the boy, sort of like a duckling. Corona Blossom, whose original shape is sort of like a molten metal teardrop, longs to go home. Keiji, who quickly grows very fond of the odd little being, is determined to help her get back there. But this goal might be thwarted by a sexy space pirate who would rather scavenge metal than return a homesick little person to her original world. The pirate and her sidekick provide conflict and a bit of humor to the general story line. The cast is rounded out with an older girl who acts as a sister to Keiji, and a compassionate neighbor lady who dotes on Keiji.

Corona Blossom is currently available on Indiegogo as a crowdfunding campaign. Fans of Japanese anime are going to love this one. At first glance, it looks very similar to Sailor Moon – right down to the roll call of names in the introduction. But at second glance, the female characters are much bustier than the school girls in Sailor Moon, and the costumes are far more modern – even though the illustration style is markedly similar. The visual novel is being marketed as “for all ages.” To achieve this, there is an add-on package for video gamers who are over 18. The box-set includes the added material – something of which parents might wish to be aware. Corona Blossom uses the emote system for characters in the story – which means that each character can move, making the story more interesting.

Haruko Momoi of Afilia Saga sings the Indiegogo introduction music for Corona Blossom. She says that this is the first time she has used a Japanese style song as the “hook” for a production, and she is very excited about it and hopes that everyone will like it. It is certainly a departure from her usual style – her covers of popular music are sung in a lower register than the music for Corona Blossom. Again, the music style is highly reminiscent of Sailor Moon and similar series, yet distinctly different. It is worth visiting the Indiegogo website just to watch the video and listen to the music. Be sure to also watch Momoi’s animated commentary on doing the music for the video blurb.

Frontwing is a company that produces visual novels. Several of their productions can currently be found on Steam. Their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for Corona Blossom is moving along well; at $16,612 with 21 days to go, they are half way to meeting their goal. Of course, Indiegogo crowdfunding uses the flexible funds model – which means that the money is immediately available to Frontwing to use in development. Several of the lower level rewards are Steam access keys for Corona Blossom, the game. At higher levels, contributors will receive the box set, a black and white printed shikishi, an artbook, inclusion of their names on the credits, tapestry A or B – both suitable for wall hanging, a happi coat, a hooded sweat shirt, or a 3D Boob mousepad. For $550, you can receive one of each of the rewards, as well as your name in the credits.  Pretty exciting, huh? Frontwing has worked hard to make the novel/game just as exciting and as interesting for everyone.

Corona Blossom

If you love anime, if you love visual novels or story-driven games, you won’t want to miss Corona Blossom. It is a unique blend of traditional and modern art and story styles that will hold you in suspense, titillate, and amuse all at the same time. Once again, don’t forget when you visit the Indiegogo Corona Blossom website to give a listen to Haruko Momoi. There are some beautiful perks with this crowdfunder, in addition to the game itself. For gamers who love to decorate their homes with game-related artwork, this is an opportunity not to miss. The artwork is truly lovely.