Crowdfunding Andy Elliott’s Majestic Wire Tree Sculptures

Majestic Wire Tree Sculptures Blend Beauty and Art

Based in the United Kingdom, Manchester artist Andy Elliott takes the inspiration he receives from nature and, with the aid of pliers and tools, creates wire tree sculptures that are breathtakingly beautiful. His handmade sculptures employ strands of wire to produce stunning works of art. The success of his first Kickstarter campaign has led him to mount a second crowdfunding venture and the results—over $17,000 already donated, surpassing the campaign’s original $7,466 goal, with more than two weeks remaining in the campaign.

Bonsai Art, Andy Elliot Style

Does art imitate nature or does nature imitate art? Can art be created with pliers? Yes, and yes, at least when Andy Elliott is wielding the tools and doing the imitating, which, in his skilled hands, really is the sincerest form of flattery. From the time he was young, Andy enjoyed making crafts and the more challenging the materials, the more awesome the creation. But when he was introduced to the bonsai tree, something special happened. You know the bonsai. It’s a form of Japanese art that grows trees in containers, a philosophical as well as esthetic cultivation that blends the senses. Andy liked what he saw, and no offense, Mother Nature, he wanted to take bonsai to the next level.

What are Majestic Wire Tree Sculptures?

Here’s where the pliers make their appearance. The majestic wire tree sculptures are made by twisting strands of wire of different lengths, depending on the design of the sculpture, into the recreations of a tree, including its trunk, branches, and leaves. Some of his larger creations, which can take as long as a week to finish, contain hundreds of meters worth of wire.

Majestic Wire Tree Sculptures

What will the Funds for the Majestic Wire Tree Sculptures Campaign be used for?

Andy’s original $7,466 goal was intended to fund future creations of his artwork by using the money that Kickstarter support provides to buy the materials and the tools that he needs in order to create the wire tree sculptures; rent studio workspace; purchase photography equipment so that he can document the process the creates the trees; purchase shipping equipment to send the items to customers; and taxes. Because all of his sculptures are handmade, and he’s the sole artist doing the work, the rewards for the crowdfunding supporters will be crafted and shipped out in three-month tiers. Tier 1 will be shipped by July 2017; Tier 2 will be shipped by October 2017; Tier 3 will be shipped by January 2018; and Tier 4 will be shipped by April 2018. One of the rewards, an in-depth step-by-step video from his previous Kickstarter campaign, shows the painstaking, deliberate process that he uses to create the trees.

Funding Future Majestic Wire Tree Sculptures

Solid crowdfunding support doesn’t just provide money for a campaign. It nurtures the creative soul so that artists like Andy can fund the future. The sculptures take time to produce and because Andy has perfected his creation, there’s a different style of sculpture depending on personal preference. The small sculptures stand between 12 and 16 cm in height. The bonsai intertwined with bogwood is an upright, long-arced sculpture, either copper or aluminum, with bogwood that’s intertwined through the roots. The flat leaf planted sculpture, 16 cm in height, has wide leaves set in a rustic, circular wooden base. The classic small sculpture, 12 cm tall, is made of copper with a glass base and pebbles. His large plinth sculpture displays bushy leaves made from hundreds of meters of aluminum wire attached to a wooden plinth. Any one of his creations will become a treasured item in your household.