Crowdfunding Hope with Jimmy Jang ’s “Love is the Power”

Crowdfunding Hope with Jimmy Jang ’s “Love is the Power”


Musician Jimmy Jang has a soundtrack playing in his head and from Taiwan to the United States, and the 60 countries in between that he traveled to as a seafarer aboard merchant marine vessels, he has never journeyed alone because music of his own making always accompanied him. It’s Jimmy’s unrelenting conviction that love expressed through song can heal the wounds that we inflict on the world and upon one another. For Jimmy, music is the way that he expresses the love that layers his identity as a beggar, a philosopher, a third-class world traveler, songwriter, original thinker and truth seeker. But in order for his music to reach into all the corners of the globe where the solace of song is called for, he needs funding. With help from Kickstarter, his crowdfunding campaign goal is to raise $10,000 by June 8 so that he can finance the remaining eight songs on his 12-song second album, “Love is the Power.” His first album, “Love Is,” featured a song he sang in both English and Chinese, which received airplay on college radio stations, where audiences embrace innovative Indie rock music.

Jimmy Jang Love is the Power

Music stretches far into his past. When he was eight years old, Jimmy was a drummer in the small harbor town of Keelung, Taiwan, and his music is born of the poverty he knew as a child and the pain that he witnesses in today’s world. But hard times didn’t harden him; Jimmy believes that challenges in life are simply part of the experience of living. The truth that his music has revealed to him has shown a world where wounds run deep, but faith runs deeper; pain is searing, but love is healing; materials things are transient, but the soul is eternal.

Jimmy is the product of the spiritual crash between his Eastern and Western selves that inspired a search for meaning beyond the attraction of material possessions to a higher level where all of us, mere visitors to this planet, must learn compassion. Jimmy yearns for his music to bring unity to a fractured society. “One mind, one heart, one soul,” Jimmy, a practicing Buddhist, says. “We are all one. Unify yourself and unify the world.”

His travels have shown him a world where unity is hard to find. Whether it’s the poison that we inflict on the plane, the unkindness that we display toward indigenous peoples, the oppression that women suffer, or even cruelty to pets, Jimmy Jang observes that, “If God is Love, than his message has been hijacked by some people to suit their needs.” As a troubadour of truth, Jimmy’s songs such as We Rock, Will You Change for Love, Love Is, All I Got Is Love to Share, Truth of Love, and You Are the Angel, affirm his passionate beliefs that, as visitors to this planet, we are not here to hate or enslave one another, but to learn unconditional love. Jimmy’s emphasis on connections between one another doesn’t just include high-minded, altruism. He also enjoys love songs and the personal experiences that he can express through the music that he writes.

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