Crowdfunding Kickstarter Campaigns in December 2016

Crowdfunding Kickstarter Campaigns in December 2016

Crowdfunding Kickstarter campaigns in December 2016 offer a rich variety of potential gifts and fun stuff. The December holidays are nearly over, and the New Year on the Roman calendar is nearly upon us. However, if you are looking for a last-minute gift, a birthday gift or a place to spend that holiday gift money, you could do worse than to look in on these five featured crowdfunding campaigns. Better yet, you could consider that you are encouraging the world of entrepreneurship by sponsoring one or more of these unique items. The amazing thing about these Kickstarter items is that they often become mainstream in just a year or two, therefore, you could also look at your contribution as getting in ahead of the competition.

So here they are: five unique items. At least one of them is certain to be perfect for someone on your gift-giving list.

World of Tim Burton

Artist Michael Lau, long-time fan of Tim Burton, designs vinyl figures based on movie concepts, street art, and other modern sources. “Balloon Boy” and “Max and BB” are concept figures from the World of Tim Burton. Tim Burton and his work needs no introduction. Michael Lau is a well-known artist, specializing in vinyl figures – which he carefully designs from concept and accessories to the packaging to present them. Michael was named in the Forbes magazine article “20 Trends Sweeping the Globe”, published in 2008, and he was appointed to design the uniforms and footwear for China’s national BMX team. These wacky figures, creating through the combination of the unique craziness that is the World of Tim Burton and the amazing skill of Michael Lau, are sure to become collector’s items. If you need an unusual gift for birthdays or holidays in 2017, these unique figures are sure to fill a slot on the wish list of any collector you might know.

The Muncher

The Muncher is not a chomping shape charging around in a video game; it is a unique titanium multi-tasking tool that can hook on a belt or snap onto a backpack. This oddly shaped device (working from one end to the other) includes a spork – that odd combination of fork and spoon, a peeler and bottle opener combination, a cord cutter, a can opener, a plybar/screwdriver combo, a box cutter and a serrated butter knife. The Muncher comes with a neat carrying case with a carabiner attached so that it can be conveniently clipped to a belt or backpack. Attached to the outside of the carrying case is a ferro fire flint – no worries about matches! This handy tool is great for anyone who works or plays out-of-doors, and can even be kept as an emergency tool in a vehicle or in a picnic basket. It will even fit inside a purse or briefcase, so you need never leave home without it. Small, lightweight, and durable, it can save the day in many different emergency situations.


JUNO is a unique make-up mirror – a mirror that connects to your smart phone to discover weather conditions out-of-doors. It then programs itself to mimic the lighting conditions that your make-up will encounter when you step out the door. Bathroom lighting, or even area lighting, too frequently is different from the lighting that will be prevalent throughout your day. Almost everyone who wears make-up has had that moment when the makeup that looked great when you applied it, looks garish or dull when you step into ordinary lighting. It isn’t because you are not skilled; it is because your makeup was applied under lighting that is different from the lighting in your destination. You can program the lighting for other settings, as well as the prevalent natural daylight. By using your cell phone to program in the type of location for the main event of the evening, the intelligent mirror will adjust lighting to suit your planned destination.  The JUNO comes with a stand that includes a handy tray for earrings, other jewelry, or even your small digital devices.

Limpeh Says

Limpeh Says is a unique card game created for citizens of Singapore, and fun for the rest of the world, too. The subtitle for the game is “Morally wrong, but politically right.” For example, on one of the fill-in-the-blank red cards is the following: “Singaporeans don’t care about privacy or free speech. All we want is ____________.”  Another player would read an answer from a white card – the example answer is “midnight supper.” Of course there are many illogical answers. The player with the funniest answer wins the round.  There are 550 unique cards. There are 90 white cards, which display the questions, and 460 white cards with answers. The game content revolves around the culture and life in Singapore, which is sure to be a big plus for social gatherings in that area. The cards are professionally printed and trimmed so that “your little princess hands won’t get paper cuts.” This is a super party game – whether you live in Singapore or elsewhere in the world.

Wyrd Miniatures

Wyrd Games is bringing out a new 3-D strategy game called The Other Side. The game is designed to be played on a 6-foot by 4-foot table. The rules are streamlined for fast, actionable play.  The game set includes a beautifully modeled scene as well as the unique individual playing pieces. Each piece is a collector’s item in itself – fully assembled and hand crafted, but left unpainted for those hobbyists who enjoy doing their own painting. The Wyrd Miniatures Kickstarter crowdfunding event will help make sure that every piece is molded and ready to go before the game is released. If you love table-top strategy games, this is a chance you won’t want to miss. The theme of the game is that terrible aliens appear in the heart of London. Around the globe – in a dystopian future world – strange armies become allies or take advantage of the situation as enemies. This game promises hours of fun – both painting and collecting the amazingly detailed miniatures and then playing the game with friends or family. It takes only a little imagination and some practice as a game master to create hours of fun that can be geared to almost any age level.

Don’t miss out on these Crowdfunding Kickstarter campaigns in December 2016. Many of them run through dates in January 2017 – there could scarcely be a better way to start the New Year than to invest in one of these unique ventures. Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaigns help bring new, innovative products to market; and they help sustain or give new twists on established projects. When you contribute to a crowdfunding campaign, you are investing in the future – and you are helping to shape it through your choices. If investing at this time is not an option, then “Like” these ventures, sent out a “tweet” or “Pin” them, on your favorite social media. Who knows? If you chat them up, someone might get one of them for your birthday or holiday gift – word of mouth is still the very best form of advertising.  May you have an absolutely marvelous new year in 2017, and may all of your crowdfunding campaign investments become smashing successes!