Crowdfunding Miami, USA: A Photo Album of America

Crowdfunding Miami, USA: A Photo Album of America

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the Made in Miami, USA crowdfunding campaign is going to be talking up a storm, and a city that has 86 languages spoken in its homes, workplaces, and schools has a lot to say!

There are as many myths about Miami as there are cruise ships sailing out of the port, but the essence of the city’s vitality, creativity, commerce, and everyday spirit will be on display when the Cuban American Phototheque Foundation’s photo essay project takes Florida’s second most populated city out of the realm of mythology and into the daily lives of the people who live there. Miami is South Beach swimming and basketball Heat; falafel and fritas; Everglades alligators and Seaquarium dolphins; goat stew and stone crab claws; the Children’s Museum and Jungle Island; mojitos and rum runners. And everywhere you go, there’s Creole and Spanglish and so many words in so many accents that, whatever the language, Miami has its own soundtrack of speech. But Miami can’t be typecast; it’s also a place where people go to work, walk their dogs, eat lunch, dance in clubs, play golf, wash the minivan, and celebrate the ordinary with extraordinary La Miami style.

Made in Miami  USA crowdfunding

Everyone knows the headlines, and everyone has seen the spectacular sights, but the core of Miami is something that remains to be discovered. A city as lively as Miami doesn’t stay still long enough to capture, so the only way to see it all at once is if you can open it up in your hands and savor the sights. And the best way to do that is through photographs taken by camera-carrying artists who know how to find the everyday treasures of this modern-day city that was created when the American dream and the world’s wanderers realized that they made a perfect match in Miami, Florida.

That’s where crowd funding comes in. CAPF’s Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to create a photo album and gallery of Miami’s dynamic diversity is seeking to raise $30,000 by April 26. Donors giving $25 or more will receive a copy of the book of photographs, along with an invitation to attend a VIP reception where you can meet the artists whose photographs will contribute to the book and the exhibit. These artists include Tony Chirinos, Ivan Canas, Niurka Barroso, Raul Canibano, and Roberto Koltun. These are photographers who won’t just show you Miami; they’ll conjure the sounds of the city, the aromas of the communities, and the heartbeat of the population.

Dedicated to the research and promotion of photography, the Cuban American Phototheque Foundation has been collecting, preserving, and interpreting the photography of Miami-Dade county artists, Cuban-born immigrants and all residents of the area since World War II. The only photograph bank of its kind in South Florida, CAPF showcases photographs that document the changing look and life of Miami-Dade County during its various stages of development.

Miami, USA, is Miami in motion, but even if the city never slows down, you can enjoy it at leisure, one great image at a time.

Photographers who want to submit their Miami images to the project for judging will be able to do so in a call-for-entries online event in July.

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