“Cyber Threats to Smart Device Users”, a Guidebook for Protecting Our Information

“Cyber Threats to Smart Device Users”, a Guidebook for Protecting Our Information


Business and communication is far more mobile than it has ever been. We live in a time of unprecedented connectivity between employees, vendors and customers. The statistics back this fact up. An estimated 58 percent of adult Americans use a smart device on a daily basis. Furthermore the average American will spend 162 minutes each day using their smartphone. There is an incredible amount of freedom that comes with using smartphones and tablets both professionally and personally. We can talk to our families, share apps or send photos in one window while working in another no matter where we are. Mobile technology allows people to use company data and resources without being tied to a single location. In our daily lives we tend to focus on how great it is to have the ability to do all of this in the palm of our hands. However smart devices have their own inherit risks including data loss, theft and malware that we cannot afford to overlook. Operating safely in cyberspace is now a much needed part of our lives.

Retired United States Army Veteran Chris Stevens is the author of “Cyber Threats to Smart Device Users: A Guidebook and Video for Operating Safely in Cyberspace”. These International Association of Privacy Professionals have spent over 20 years each developing unique skills regarding the collection and storage of sensitive information. During their military careers losing data and leaking information could result in a loss of life. Today they have brought their training and experience protecting information to their current careers providing privacy training as the owners of Carpe Diem Strategic Services. They regularly provide expert unbiased assessments of a company’s information privacy program.

Operating safely in cyberspaceThis new nonfiction guidebook is designed to raise the cyber threat awareness of business travelers and others. This guidebook is particularly useful to readers because it focuses on addressing non-technical and behavioral problems regarding cyber safety. Security starts with people acting in a responsible and knowledgeable manner. Many of the high profile data breaches seen in the news lately were caused by insiders. These are often well-meaning employees who inadvertently caused data leaks through careless disclosure. For example not everyone knows that giving applications access to contacts means it can access and copy your information to their servers. There are many steps needed to ensure information and devices remain secure. For business travelers there are things you can do prior to leaving on a business trip, precautions which can be taken while away and a plan which can be used upon their return to maintain that level of security.

This guidebook is sorely needed. Data leaks have become commonplace and are preventable. Chris Stevens spent over two decades protecting America and its sensitive information and they know how to properly train others to prevent these leaks. All they need now is the proper level of funding to complete this valuable guidebook. To that end they have been active in crowdfunding campaign work on websites like GoFundMe. This crowdfunding effort will ultimately help prevent against both unintentional and malicious misuse of our valuable information.

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