Enter Zenta, the Wellness Wearable

Zenta The Wearable Wellness App.

You’d like to be healthier in mind and body, but the last thing you want is a team of medical experts following you everywhere you go, monitoring every breath and recording every bodily function. You want to be the best that you can be physically, mentally, and emotionally, but you don’t want to feel like a lab rat. VINAYA hears you. VINAYA, a London-based design studio and research laboratory, believes that emotional awareness and habit formation are the essential ingredients for people who want to live in and contribute to a stress-free society. But their interest is more than just feel-good talk; they’ve actually developed a cutting-edge wearable that can serve as a personal life coach for your body and your mind.

ZENTA’s Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign.

ZENTA tracks your physical activities, the quality of your sleep, and your breathing patterns and then interprets how these factors impact your overall mood, emotions, and levels of stress throughout each day and the accumulated weeks and months. It’s a popular concept that’s finally made it from wishful thinking to wearable, and the crowdfunding community is paying attention.  Indiegogo backers have been flocking to this crowdfunding campaign, donating more than $168,000 to bring the ZENTA to mass production and exceeding the original $100,000 goal with over two weeks left before the campaign deadline.

What the ZENTA App Can Do.

The concept of wellness has captured the mindset of our era. Everyone wants to feel healthier, work smarter, suffer less stress, and have more leisure time. All of these things are closely related, but what’s been missing was a device that connects them all to our awareness of what we’re experiencing in our daily routines. By using the most advanced biometric sensing technology and machine-learning algorithms, ZENTA breaks the code of hidden cues that your body and mind reveal, using your digital life to interpret the data.

VINAYA’s team of neuroscientists, psychologists, computer scientists and data experts finds the human condition a source of fascination, particularly in today’s sensory-bombarded society. With ZENTA, you can unravel the mystery of how the things you do and the habits that are an ingrained part of your behavior affect your happiness and stress over time.

It’s easy to be skeptical about the effect that a device can have on your well-being, but if you’re like most people, sometimes just daily life itself makes you feel like you’re under attack. There are deadlines to meet, work conflicts to resolve, family issues to address. We deal with these things every day, and then we’re supposed to relax and go to sleep at night? Good luck with that! Lack of sleep is a modern problem experienced by many people, even though health experts tell us that if we don’t get enough sleep, we’re compounding our problems. And what about when we’re awake? What are the cues that signal bodily distress that we might not even consciously be aware of? Waking or sleeping, ZENTA records the details that reveal what’s right about what we do, and what’s not working.

How ZENTA Works.

ZENTA’s activity and fitness tracker monitors how your steps and actions affect your emotional state of being. The holistic biometric sensing and trend analysis, combined with the triple axis accelerometer can guide you in easing stress and anxiety with something as simple as a breathing exercise that vibrates in sync with your heartbeat. ZENTA’s high-definition hoptic engine senses your respiration and heart rate. The data that’s obtained instructs you in what needs to be done to reduce those negatives in your life. The everyday wellness monitor gives you the means to check your heart rate, perspiration, blood oxygen level and respiration patterns.

Back to the sleep signals. ZENTA’s biometric engine measures your electrodermal activity including your heart rate, pulse transit time and pulse wave velocity, and blood oxygen saturation to identify behavioral patterns. By correlating your sleep quality with your physiological responses, along with noise detection, ZENTA can tell you what you need to do and not do in order to sleep better at night.

The ZENTA is a lot like having a team of doctors, therapists, and trainers by your side day and night without having any white-coat syndrome reactions. ZENTA can even provide information and insights into your emotions and your reproductive cycle. Visual emotion sharing lets you use digital communication to express your emotional state with the ones you care about. By cross-referencing your mood, activity, and sleep, ZENTA can intuitively monitor your menstrual cycle and track your fertile time.

But health isn’t just a matter of sleeping and moving. You have responsibilities. ZENTA also knows how to help you deal with the everyday world and its tasks. With ZENTA’s capacitive touch control, you simply touch it to interact with the apps you use the most. ZENTA even lets you make secure financial payments, just by tapping it. ZENTA’s voice control command lets you instruct your devices with your own vocal directions. Gesture control enables you to interact with your other devices and services; just a touch of ZENTA can let you turn on the lights in your home. Wondering if sometimes the urban life and the pace of the city gets to you? ZENTA can evaluate how the physical space that you occupy affects you thanks to its comprehensive location-based data visualization.

ZENTA’s goal is to interact with your life without intruding. The design of the device, based on Scandinavian minimalism, is engineered to be part of you without taking over your life. Your private medical staff is on call, 24/7, without any co-pays! Live better longer with ZENTA.