The eon Electric Powertrain from Unlimited

Imagine turning your skate board into personal transportation that will go uphill, buzz around narrow walkways, and get you to your destination on time – every time. With the eon electric powertrain from Unlimited, you have the potential to be able to do just that.

How eon Turns Skateboards into Transportation.

Skateboards have long been wheels for those who enjoy the challenge of developing their skills, but as transportation they do have their drawbacks. For one thing, unless the rider has a strong pushing leg, they are mostly good for riding downhill. The eon electric powertrain can change that. It is an electric motor that attaches quickly and easily to the skateboard wheels, granting the ability to go uphill as well as down. For individuals who already have developed the skill necessary to ride a skateboard, or who are willing to learn, this creates quick, portable transportation at a fraction of the cost of owning an automobile and – since a skateboard can be picked up and carried — without the complications of bike locks and the potential for theft associated with using a bicycle for personal transportation. Simply strap your board to your backpack or carry it along in your hand until it is needed. Stow it beneath your desk or in a locker while not in use.

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How eon Works.

The eon system is not only an electronic drivetrain for skateboards, it can be an electronic power system for almost any light-weight personal vehicle. All that needs to happen is to attach the motor and power pack to the vehicle’s wheel system. The current prototype is designed specifically for skateboards, and can be quickly and easily bolted onto most models, but an additional system is currently being developed for use with bicycles.

One eon unit can provide up to twelve kilometers of travel using a skateboard. A second unit will double that distance. The system uses rechargeable lithium batteries and a power pack. Incidentally, the power pack can also be used to charge up your cell phone. The lightweight system, in addition to recharging at a standard wall socket, can also be recharged using resistance braking, which can extend the charge on your set of wheels. If the charge runs out completely, the skateboard can still be used as a standard, unpowered board. The drivetrain and battery pack are sufficiently lightweight that they are scarcely noticeable. The units are managed by using a handheld controller; and they also connect to a cell phone app that can be used to study your performance as a skateboarder and the performance of the eon system.

Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign for eon.

Eon Crowdfunding campaignYou can help with getting this revolutionary device on the market by contributing to the eon Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. In addition to being one of the first to get your hands on one of these nifty little devices, you can have the good feeling of doing your part for the environment and to help adjust a fuel-greedy economy. The eon electric drivetrain system has the potential to revolutionize transportation, particularly in the city where large vehicles can be more of a problem than an asset. Perfecting these lightweight motors also has the potential for longer-reaching developments, as battery technology steadily improves. Imagine light-weight four-wheel vehicles for inner city transportation, or more efficient wheelchairs or carts for individuals with limited mobility.

The eon electric powertrain system from Unlimited has amazing potential. The prototypes have been constructed by the Unlimited team, a group of dedicated engineers and enthusiasts who are ready to take their product to the next level.