Estream for Portable Power

Estream for Portable Power

The Estream is a green energy, water-powered generator that can fit in a pocket or backpack. The twentieth century was the dawning of an age of marvels – telegraph, telephone, television and finally the computer. But most of these things were tied to power outlets, wired connections, in the case of Eniac the first computer, far too large or unwieldy to be even remotely portable. But as the twentieth century drew to a close, these things became smaller and smaller. Wireless communication became easier, until in the twenty-first century devices small enough to fit into a pocket can function as a telephone, television, text message communicator (even better than the telegraph) and even act as a computer – albeit one with limited memory. But these portable devices have one major drawback: they all use batteries that require an electrical source for recharging.

Estream Unleashes Portable Devices

The Estream is a portable battery charger that can be charged in any sort of moving water. There needs to be enough water so that the charging blades can move freely so they can turn a small turbine that is capable of charging a portable battery. The portable battery can, in turn, be used to charge a cell phone, tablet or similar small device. It can be placed in a stream or pulled along behind a boat. Just imagine having a day of fun in the sun while charging your portable devices at the same time. Even a slow-moving stream will work. It takes about four hours for the portable battery to fully charge; but when stacked up against similar devices, such as a solar charger, the Estream shows great promise. The Estream could be used by backpackers, canoers, campers, cavers, and others – just as long as their recreation involves being near a moving water source. With Estream, portable devices are no longer leashed to the power grid, although you can give your Estream a start-up charge at a standard electrical outlet. The powerpack can also has an attachment that allows it to be used as a light. With Estream, you will never be without power again, because you can bring your own power plant.

Enomad’s Estream Kickstarter

Enomad, the team that has put together this little marvel, is making it available to the public through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. Already will past its funding goal, the Estream Kickstarter is well on its way to successful funding. Kickstarter participants can get a real bargain through their contributions. For $180, contributors can get a Kickstarter special which includes the Estream basic kit, a carabiner, cable and peg (to secure the turbine so it doesn’t float downstream), a turbine protector and USB cable. If you simply wish to support this innovative idea, you can contribute as little as $5.00, which will allow you to receive communications about progress. Other intermediate level prizes include a T-shirt and messenger bag. There is even a $200 bundle that includes the Estream Kickstarter special, the T-shirt and the messenger bag. There is, of course, also a friends package, a family package and the explorer special with ten units.

If you love the out-of-doors, if you’ve been looking for a greener way to charge your portable devices, then this just might be the crowdfunding campaign for you. Just imagine not having to look for an outlet, or even a sunny spot for a photovoltaic charger.