Finding Free Press for Your Crowdfunding

Finding free press for your crowdfunding project can be a challenge. Of course, you can create a page on Facebook for it, and add it to your Twitter feed, but will that actually attract any more attention than picking up the phone and calling your friends and family? In order to grow your funds beyond your immediate circle, you are already aware that your idea has to attract outside interest.

Free Press for your Crowdfunding can happen when you have a truly amazing idea; one that is so outstanding that you attract the interest of your local television station or catch the interest of a major news network online, such as CNN. Tom Hunt of Blogspot begins his article about locating free press options with the question, “Is that guy wearing leggings?” Unless you are into theatre or belong to a medieval re-creation group, a question like that is bound to attract some attention. Mr. Hunt goes on to say that one way to attract attention is to be remarkable.

Press releases are a tried and true method for gaining an audience. But even the best press release in the world is going to have a hard time getting read if it doesn’t show up on a platform that will reach an extensive audience. Even then, it is going to have a hard time with gaining attention in the ocean of information, infomercials, press releases and more that flood the Internet and news media. Without that something special to attract attention to your Kickstarter or Start Up, the response is going to be limited to your already loyal audience. If that was all that was needed to get your business venture going, you wouldn’t be holding a crowdfunding campaign in the first place – you would produce your idea, and bring it out into the light of day, full grown and functioning. But that isn’t usually how small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures start out.

free press for your crowdfunding

Your Startup needs something that will make it standout – something that will make people look twice. Now, I’m not suggesting that you should pull a Cal Worthington and trot out a Bengal tiger as your “dog Spot,” but you do need something that will attract attention. As the song in Gypsy Rose Lee (the musical) put it, “You gotta have a gimmick.” You want something that will turn heads; but more than that, once you have your audience’s attention, you will want to deliver the goods – an idea that is utterly outstanding or one that is so perfectly obvious that viewers will say to themselves, “Now why didn’t I think of that?” Better yet, you want something so infinitely clever – even if your product fulfills a fairly ordinary function – that your audience will want to contribute to your Kickstarter because they want that the gizmo that you have created so badly that they are practically trying to reach through the computer or television screen for it. Even if your product is incredibly useful, but totally lacking in flashy elements, once you get people to “look” then you will be able to add the less exciting details.

That article that started out “Is that guy wearing leggings?” wasn’t really about leggings at all – it was about an agency, similar to Upwork – and about what it takes to get a press release noticed. Oh, and the leggings? They really are a “thing.” You can take a look at the guys modeling them on the sTitch Leggings website. It’s kind of like the way Ol’ Cal Worthington would bring out his latest and most outrageous Dog Spot, and once he had viewers’ attention, begin rattling off information about the vehicles on the car lot. There is just one thing: once you have your reader or viewers’ attention, you really do need something to offer. Well, usually – there was that one guy who wanted ten dollars to make potato salad . . . but that was kind of like Kickstarter amazing history. It isn’t too often that anyone can start out trying to make potato salad, and wind up creating a gala weekend event for hundreds of people just because he had promised everyone a taste. It really is very difficult to mail potato salad.

But that kind of free press is what is needed for your crowdfunding campaign. The progression of that crowdfund campaign is a real education, because at every step of the way the guy who started it would top his previous escapades with something new – such as a trip to Idaho to select the very best potatoes for his famous salad. Get their attention, keep their attention, and catch the eye of the media so that your event becomes known beyond that little circle of friends.