Flow™ Hive: Honey on Tap

Flow™ Hive: Honey on Tap

Honey, long a metaphor for the sweet things in life, is also an industry, and for the creators of Flow™ Hive, honey is a source of income, an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign of historically successful proportions, and a way to celebrate the twenty-first century’s renewed enthusiasm for the bounty of nature. This hugely successful Indiegogo campaign (the top funded Indiegogo campaign of all time), which has raised over $13 million dollars, is honey-making gone holistic, thanks to Australia’s developers Cedar and Stuart Masterson, who have developed a system that allows beekeepers to harvest the honey straight from the beehive. It took a decade, but the father-and-son team have made beekeeping a whole lot easier without opening the hive. It’s easier on the bees, easier on the beekeepers, and the result is the same: honey harvesting.

How Does Flow™ Hive Work?

A Flow™ Hive is the Mastersons’ name for their complete beehive, which contains a brood box and Flow™ Super. The hives come with a roof and a screened bottom board. Their new invention, Flow™ Frames, are the beehive frames that make it possible for beekeepers to harvest the honey right from the hive without opening the hive and offering only minimal disturbance to the bees, so that they can continue producing honey without impediment. The Flow™ Frame consists of honeycomb cells that are already partly formed and the bees carry on with the work that Mother Nature has designed for them. They complete the honeycomb with their wax, then fill the cells with honey and cap the cells. After the Flow™ Key is turned on, the cells inside the comb split vertically to form channels that let the honey flow down to a sealed trough at the base. The honey continues to flow out of the hive while the bees, still on the surface of the honeycomb, are practically undisturbed. After the honey has completed draining, the beekeeper turns the Flow™ Key to reset the comb. The bees, sensing that the honeycomb is empty, chew away the wax capping and fill it again with honey.

No Bees Were Harmed in the Harvesting of This Honey

Making honey is what bees do, and during their many years of testing, the Mastersons have noticed that the term “busy as a bee” accurately describes the bees’ production line. When the honey has drained, the bees get to work making more. If your Flow™ Super has seven frames, you can look forward to harvesting approximately 45 pounds of honey when every frame is full.

How Can you Get the Flow™ Hive?

The crowdfunding campaign has ended, but your opportunity to purchase the Flow™ Hive continues. Cedar Masterson says, “We’re so happy to see a passionate community of Flow™ Hive beekeepers all around the world, over 35,000 orders and growing!” IF you want to join the beekeeping community, you can buy a Flow™ Hive for the retail price of $699 and you don’t have to wait. The product is in start all across North America, Europe, and Australia.

Happy Flow™ Hive Honey Harvesters

The Mastersons encourage novice beekeepers to join a beekeeping group in your community as well as becoming part of their online community forum. Beekeeping requires knowledge, skill and dedication. Other Happy Flow™ Hive owners celebrate the product with their testimonials confirming that there’s “no mess, no fuss, no expensive processing equipment.”  One happy customer says,
“I’m really happy to say the Flow™ Hive works better than I ever dreamt it would.”

Beekeeping is a labor of love and the results never fail to be sweet.