Footglove: Love for your Feet


Footglove offers love for your feet. Everyday people walk everywhere. Even in this modern age of automation, motorized transportation, escalators and even moving walkways, feet bear the impact of modern living. Clerks stand at cash registers, teachers walk around student desks and stand patiently observing their charges. People who exercise daily walk, jog or run. Construction workers, dancers, athletes, and even retired people need their feet just to be able to do the things they need to do and to maintain quality of life. Feet, in a very real sense of the word, are the underpinnings of many human endeavors. They are the fragile foundation upon which most of us stand.

Enter the Footglove. This is an ergonomic sock that fits in almost any shoe. The top is subdued and comes in four colors: white with blue stripes, black with blue stripes, white with no stripes and black with no stripes; so it can be worn with a variety of clothing styles. The real magic, however, is the cushioned sole that molds to the wearers foot, protecting the fragile bones, muscles and tendons in his or her foot from the impact of standing, walking or running. The cushion extends from heel to toe creating a protective barrier between your foot and the hard surfaces that are part of the everyday life of most modern human beings. In times past, humans walked on meadowland, forest floor, sand, or wood. But these days, most people spend a lot of their vertical hours walking or standing on concrete, which lacks the resilience of other surfaces. This new sock can help restore some of that resilience.

But the value of Footglove doesn’t end there. The compression top supports foot and ankle, promoting better circulation and protection against daily movement stress. It is the ultimate support sock. Like other support socks, it helps protect against swelling, clotting and other circulatory types of foot problems. The socks are woven from Celliant, a mineral based yarn that converts heat energy from the body into infrared energy that promotes increased circulation.

footglove foot pain


Footglove even combats foot odor. Embedded in the cushioned sole are fibers that contain PF silver ions to help control odor throughout your busy day. And, of course, Footglove is completely machine washable – exactly what is needed in a good pair of socks.

There is just one catch – this sock isn’t in production yet. The concept was created by Uganda M. Williams, Sr., a worker much like many of you out there. Mr. Williams was working two jobs in order to support his family, and spent many hours of the day on his feet. He took his initial sketch idea to the Gulf Coast State College in Panama City, Florida where a talented student used his rough sketch to create a CAD concept drawing. This drawing enabled Mr. Williams to register a patent for his concept, with help from supporters.

Prototype socks have been created and worn by testers for more than eleven months. The time has come for a modest production run of this foot-saving invention. (Could it be possible to even say “life-saving” invention?) As most Kickstarter fans know, manufacturing runs don’t come cheap. A Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign is in process, with the goal of raising enough money to put this revolutionary support sock into production. Of course, participants are not expected to contribute their hard-earned cash for nothing. Rewards range from the traditional “thank you” through gaining Footglove socks for yourself, and mention of your contribution on the Founding Wall of Fame and the Footglove website.

The Footglove Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign will go live April 2, 2016. Workers, athletes, retirees, students and others: will this sock become available to you? This is your chance to let your dollars vote for a quality product and to get in on the ground floor with something exciting.

Crowdfunding campaigns remain an excellent way to support innovative ideas and your personal concept of the future. In this case, you will be supporting the idea of a man who considered how his own feet hurt, and used that knowledge to come up with a product that would not only help himself, but would help others. This is the crowdfunding concept at its finest.

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