Forensics in the Oscar Pistorius case, The Silent Witness

Forensics in the Oscar Pistorius case, The Silent Witness


The silent witness, forensics can offer added evidence to criminal cases. Eugene Botha, an affiliate of Blue Marble Entertainment and his brother, Louis Botha, an IT specialist propose a documentary project concerning the trial and the forensic evidence available about the Oscar Pistorius trial.

In 2012, Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius was a somewhat controversial but renowned Olympic Gold Medalist. Renowned because of his wins, controversial because Oscar Pistorius was a double leg amputee whose prosthetics were light, flexible metal blades. This earned him the title “blade runner.” Competitors complained that the prosthetics, amazingly enough, actually gave Oscar an advantage over runners who sped along on their own, natural born, feet. Oscar had been born without a fibula in either of his legs. His parents had consented to amputation while he was still an infant, but the lack of legs didn’t seem to slow Oscar down. The surgery was performed before his first birthday, and he quickly learned to walk on prosthetics. When he grew older, he participated in a variety of sports, including cricket and wrestling.

Forensics in the Oscar Pistorius Case

In February 2013, Oscar was visited by his girlfriend, the lovely Reeva Rebecca Steenkamp. Reeva had a Bachelor of Laws degree, and worked as a paralegal and a model. She had applied to the bar in 2011, and hoped to qualify as a lawyer before she turned thirty.

On the morning of February 14, 2013, Reeva was found dead in Oscar’s bathroom. The cause of death was having been shot four times through the locked bathroom door. Oscar confessed to having fired the shots, saying that he mistook her for an intruder. He was first convicted of culpable manslaughter; then, after an appeal, the verdict was murder.

Some people believe that Oscar and Reeva argued, and that he fired the shots in anger.

As the trial progressed, little attention was paid to the forensic evidence available, since Oscar had already confessed to having fired the fatal shots.

Eugene and Louis Botha would like to revisit that forensic evidence, believing that it might tell a different story from that presented through the trial. Eugene, having been part of the news team that followed the story, is uniquely placed to examine the ample evidence that was largely ignored during the trial. He explains that this is not an effort to re-try Oscar Pistorius; rather, it is an effort to make sure that the forensic material that was collected is neither lost nor forgotten.

Forensics in the Oscar Pistorius Case

Eugene Botha, who is based in South Africa where the event took place, is in position to direct the filming of the documentary which will be shot on location in South Africa, the UK and USA. His brother, Louis, will be in charge of the technical end of things and also in charge of the fundraising – in particular, the Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign. Louis is based in New Zealand.

Anna Teichert, an award winning director, will be the editor for the production. She is a partner in Blue Marble, and also was involved in the media coverage of the trial, along with Eugene. Both of them feel strongly that had the forensic evidence been examined, that a different story is told from the one that was delivered at the trial. This documentary would tell that story.

Botha and Teichert have access to the technology needed to make this film, thanks to their affiliation with Blue Marble. The funding will be used to create the documentary, which will include interviews with investigative experts and with people who believe that there were irregularities in the trial. The whole affair has judicial significance in South Africa, and the team believes that it is important to let the Silent Witness: Forensics speak for itself. They are in a unique position to do this, having already followed the trial as it unfolded.

Oscar Pistorius is already emerging as a controversial figure, as the final pronouncement of his sentence will take place in April 2016. He is currently on bail, and under house arrest at his uncle’s mansion. This documentary will ensure that the story of the forensics in the Oscar Pistorius case will be told. By making a pledge to support its production, you will receive updates, and are even eligible to tour the empty house where the shooting took place.

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