Free press for your crowdfunding campaign

Promoting Your Product with Free Press for Crowdfunding

Whether you’re trying to sell snow in the Arctic or fashion leggings for men or moon rocks to Martian tourists, you know that your sales will only be as successful as your marketing campaign. Hence the dilemma: how to obtain free press for crowdfunding when you lack the connections you need to take your product to the next level. Crowdfunding giants like Indiegogo and Kickstarter have galvanized commerce to the point where a person who has a dream, a product with potential, and a willingness to work to promote it can become an entrepreneur. Maybe you have that dream, that product, and that willingness to promote it. But there’s a gap the size of the Grand Canyon separating you and a successful marketing strategy. According to Jim Collins, the author of Good to Great, there’s something he calls the “Flywheel Effect” which explains what it takes to create momentum. The initial turns of the wheel are tough because you’re trying to place an object at rest into motion. If that’s reminding you of your high school science class, don’t worry. Who knew that Isaac Newton had a flair for marketing? Once that object at rest goes into motion, the momentum follows and the effort becomes easier.

Free press for crowdfunding

Building Your Free Press for Crowdfunding Platform

Okay, so you don’t have a network. You don’t have contacts. You don’t have people who know people. So what do you have? You have a product, remember?
Let your product stand out!
You may not feel that your startup is particularly remarkable. But there has to be something about it that ignites a spark of interest, whether or not it’s unique. The essence of e-commerce requires a dynamic technological aspect to the crowdfunding, and here’s where you’ll find unexpected support for your efforts to garner free press for your crowdfunding campaign. In the visual arena of the Internet, a dynamic new design on your website can brand your product in a way that instantly draws your audience. Twitter can create an audience that responds to a 140-character pitch. You can’t be sure of what the result will be, but one thing is for sure: if you don’t take the risk to stand out, you might as well sit down and let someone else win.

Stand on the Shoulders of Giants to Obtain Free Press

Back to Newton again. When praised for his achievements in science, Isaac Newton, that heretofore-unrecognized marketing guru, replied, “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” What does that mean in twenty-first century terms? It means that you need to stay alert for industry trends that create a link to your product so that you can easily incubate an audience. Being alert is the key, because trends change. Keeping tabs on popular blogs in the ever-changing startup realm will make it a lot easier to detect what’s new. There are some concrete criteria that you can look for, and as you outline your startup’s future goals, you’ll be able to decide which blogs provide the transparency you need.
• Salaries on SumAll
• Financial Statistics on Hubstaff
• Candid blog posts on Buffer
Any press release that you send to the media needs to command attention so that your product benefits from the interest the release stirs up.

Perspectives for Finding Free Press

Different perspectives build a diverse audience. What incentives can you offer that inspire your potential audience to seek your startup’s product? You’re looking for a mechanism that works like a magnet to draw media interest to your product. You may be that magnet. What publications have already reported on the success of your product? What personal touches can you insert in your pitch that will give your product a boost? Have you established your own willingness to drive your product to its successful destination? Part of branding is making the case that you regard your product as a thriving Siamese twin, an inseparable part of you. Free press for crowdfunding is nurtured by a viable source of energy that comes out of your drive to thrive.
Don’t forget that a reporter also has an agenda in mind when looking for stories to cover. Everyone wants to attract the attention of the boss. Reporters are as ambitious for a rise up the editorial rungs as innovators are for the top of the entrepreneurial ladder. Knowing what motivates the reporter can let you know what sees you need to plant in order to harvest coverage.
Does your product have its finger on the social response trigger? What makes people return to the picture that was tagged? How are you making sure that you’re setting the stage for a response?
Did you make it easy? Getting free press for crowdfunding can be easy if you remove obstacles that obstruct effortless access.

GPS Your Free Press Providers

Your product has a destination as well as a destiny. What publications are out there that will conjure interest in your product? Do some research to find out what reporters for what publications are most likely to have a personal interest in covering your story. You can find out what you need with the help of tried-and-true resources like LinkedIn, which will provide information on a reporter’s professional background. Google and Twitter can be counted on for data that spotlight the press contacts you need in order to obtain free press for crowdfunding. Find the name that covers your niche. Keep track of the reporter-publication nexus and record the pairing in a Google Sheet for a resource noting the average article social share counts and Twitter followers so that you can prioritize. Choose a number—20 is a promising one—of names to follow.

Preparation Brings Free Press for Crowdfunding

The Boy Scouts had it right: be prepared. You don’t have a lot of time from the instant that your pitch is read by a reporter to the moment that he or she decides to follow up on it or delete the message. From the very beginning, you need to deliver the information and deliver it fast, so make sure that you provide your contact information; an overview of your startup; reference to mention in other media; press releases; and visuals like logos, headshots and screenshots.


You might as well develop a thicker skin now because rejection is an inevitable part of the free press quest. You’re going to get rejected. Doors, metaphorical, electronic, and otherwise, will be slammed in your face. That’s okay. Look at it this way: not everyone has vision. You have a fantastic product that the world is waiting for. Remember that Margaret Mitchell’s epic Gone With the Wind was rejected 38 times before a publisher said yes.

Free Press for Crowdfunding: The Happy Ending

Step by step, that’s how it works. Build your marketing campaign in layers. You can acquire press contacts if you’re willing to do the work to find them. It’s a promotional process of connecting the dots and then stepping back to see how the finished campaign looks after you’ve done all the necessary work. It’s easy to get lost in the separate steps if you forget that each one is part of something bigger. Your product is heading to its market, and you’re heading for success, with free press for crowdfunding to pave the way.