Getting Expert Help for your Crowdfunding Campaign

Getting Expert Help for your Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfunding is one of those activities that goes better if you have a team to support your efforts. Let’s suppose that you have the best idea ever – that’s why you want to get it out there. You’ve written a book, you’ve invented a better tool, you are developing a socially beneficial business, your band needs to go on tour – or any of a host of other superb ideas that will sell like hotcakes if you can just get the word out there.

You’ve read all the literature you can find – one the web and off – about crowdfunding. You’ve created a website, you’ve created a preview/practice crowdfunding campaign, and you have your Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other social media sites set up and ready to go. You’ve handed around a few samples, performed or previewed your product with friends and family, you’ve even looked at successful campaigns that involved items similar to your creation. But you are just not sure that it will be enough to tip your project over the line into that “funded” mode. And that is definitely what you want for your crowdfunded project. That means you are going to have to do some serious selling of your product. While it is true that the most successful crowdfunding campaigns already have fans waiting for the event to open, everyone has to start somewhere. A solid advertising campaign can bring those fans – with their wallets – to your crowdfunding website.


There is superb help for crowd funders. Businesses such as SMT Marketing can help promote your crowdfunding campaign. They can’t come up with an idea for you, but they can make sure that you receive excellent exposure for your product or service. Businesses such as this one have expert writers who can prepare articles and press releases about your campaign. They will then post those articles and press releases to websites such as that will have the kind of traffic needed to bring people who are not on your personal “friend” list to your crowdfunding website. Once they are there, all you need is your great product to complete the deal, and start those pledges rolling in.

You are going to have a lot to do when your crowdfunding campaign goes live. You will want to check it often, you’ll want to follow up with questions. You are going to enjoy posting celebratory notes and sending out thank you emails to contributors. In short, you are going to be in the trenches getting down and dirty with the minutia of handling a successful campaign. If you have a job and a family life on top of that, you really need some backup. A trained professional who is accustomed to the advertising world can place perfectly worded articles and press releases on just right websites so that you will be staying up late with your crowdfunding correspondence – not with wondering where all the people are that you hoped would ante up for your campaign.

Through reading the Crowdfunding Tips on the experts websites, you can learn about more ways to fund your dream project. These include setting up a dedicated email website so that your crowdfunding correspondence won’t get lost in among your personal email – or your personal email get buried under the high traffic from your crowdfunding campaign. You’ll learn about things like registering for a seller account with, to help with sending out rewards or even to sell your product.

CROWDFUNDING HELPYou can find ideas for things to put on your email autoresponder – such as: I’m away from my desk right now. But thank you very much for your interest in ___________, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. You’ll even find tips on what to do when your crowdfunder succeeds beyond your wildest dreams – such as following through on your promises to contributors.

But you won’t have to worry about putting just the right things into an article that will be posted on the Internet. You won’t have to worry about formatting your press release so that it conforms to a particular websites standards. That is what your expert will do for you – as well as finding the best place to present advertising for your product or service.

You are strong, you are capable and you have the best idea ever. But you do not have to take care of every step of your business. Help is here at a reasonable price. All you have to do is sign up, and select the plan that is best for you. We have the team that you need to back your endeavor, and to help you reach the audience you need. You have the product, you have the dream. We have the experts – and it is our goal to give you the best shot and fulfilling your plans and those of your supporters.



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