Give Not of This World a Listen – You’ll Love it!

Give Not of This World a Listen – You’ll Love it!


Give Not of This World a listen – you’ll love it. NOTW is a pop rock band with a mellow, listenable sound. It features a driving rhythm that invites dancing or movement, yet the sound is intertwined with sensitive lyrics that speaks to the inner psyche. NOTW is a featured band on Arctic One Productions, a studio run by Joseph and Anthony DeGrazia.

Joseph and Anthony have 25 years of experience in the music industry. They have played with groups such as Rush, Alexander O’Neal, and Mick Jones. They have also appeared on Sesame Street.

The duo has released several singles, including This Time, The Big City, and Zone Out. They typically place between 18 and 20 on the Independent Charts. They have played with Aqua Lung, Pyranha and HiLite City Band.


NOTW is currently featured on the Arctic One Productions website, along with Imperial Savage and RNB. The website is currently – as of December 10, 2015 — running a special on singles.

Pledge $20 to the NOTW Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, and you will receive a copy of NOTW’s new album.

Funds from the crowdfunding campaign will support promoting the album through the website and through being played on a variety of radio stations. As most music fans know, even though radio has become old technology, many people still listen to their favorite stations while commuting or while working. It remains one of the largest single free sources of entertainment, and is very much a viable platform for promoting music.

It will also be sold by more than 100 online retailers, including iTunes and Spotify, thus reaching the millennium generation as well as radio listeners. Three videos will be created for display on services such as MTV and VH1, as well as blogs, online reviews, and other sources. There will also be a website created specifically to promote the band.

Needless to say, these things all take money. But that gives you, Kickstarter music fan, a chance to be a patron of the arts. You can support this seasoned team of music producers and their album by contributing to this crowdfunding campaign. You’ll get some great pop-style music – totally fantastic for making chores or homework go better, or (more to the point) livening up your next party. Listenable, danceable – you can even do your aerobics to it – this is a great collection of music for almost any occasion. And at a reasonable price.


The guys haven’t set up one of those crazy tiered contribution ladders. They offer just one pledge amount, and as a reward, you get their new NOTW album. For music lovers, that’s a win-win. If you don’t happen to have the funds available right now, then don’t hesitate to spread the word on your social media. Every Tweet, Like or general thumbs up helps Joseph and Anthony DeGrazia to gain more viewers for their crowdfunding campaign, plus telling your friends about some great new music.

No worries about the album actually happening. These guys have thirty years of experience in the business. The crowdfunding campaign is just one more way to spread the word about Not Of This World. Give it a listen; you are going to love it.