Give Prison Inmates a Chance for Good Environment

Give Prison Inmates a Chance for Good Environment


Press Release – November 15, 2015 – Rego Park, NY, United States — Each year, more and more inmates enter the United States prison system. The Kabbalah Prison Project believes that they have an answer for what is a growing problem. The answer is education.

The Kabbalah is an ancient spiritual system that includes learning from the stories in the Torah, discussing events of the past, meditation and examining self-motivation. The Kabbalah Prison Project involves mailing a book and educational materials to interested inmates, providing a self-study that can help the recipients to explore their inner selves – and hopefully, to lift themselves to a better life.

The cost of providing materials is about $5.00 per recipient. The project is currently run by volunteers who copy, bind and package the materials for shipment to the various prison locations. The group works with the federal and state prison system, and is in compliance with regulations.

The Good Environment

The course is an introduction to a system that can take a life time of study. In fact, study is at the core of this system. Study, introspection and working toward becoming a more whole and more attuned to the needs of the world.

The course material is entitled “The Good Environment” and it is designed to help each individual develop a better understanding of themselves while at the same time putting them in touch with a community that is positive. The material sent includes 2 magazine issues, a free book and enrollment in the course.

Testimonials indicate that the people who have received the materials find them beneficial in accepting a personal need to make changes and to seek ways to turn their lives around. One of the greatest problems with the prison system is the number of people who are returned to it after being released. The goal of providing the course is to help recipients turn their lives around and to be able to become ordinary citizens after being released. Most importantly, it is to help them reach a level of personal development that will allow them to remain outside the prison system.

In addition to the cost of the materials, the Kabbalah Prison Project rents a small office, maintains basic business equipment – such as copiers – and maintains correspondence with course subscribers. One of the goals of the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign is to pay one fulltime employee to read the correspondence, file materials and to do the general record keeping. The project currently has had 2200 people enrolled, 1700 are currently actively taking the course. Five hundred have left the prison system, yet continue to participate by sending letters to let their supporters know that they are continuing to grow as individuals and are applying the material that they were given.

Although it is possible to gain federal funding for programs such as this one, the people involved in the project believe that it is better to gain the active support of the public – people such as yourself, who will believe in the project. As might be imagined, contributions to the project primarily go directly to supporting new students who are in the prison system. However, you will receive books and study materials for your own personal enjoyment.

The Good Environment

The primary goal of this project is, as mentioned, to provide educational materials to inmates. Education gives these individuals a positive use for their minds and encourages them to develop a more positive outlook on life. Thus, as they learn and grow as individuals, they become less likely to return to the prison system once they are released. If you endorse the goals of this project, but are unable to contribute monetarily, please pass the word through your social media contacts. The more people who know about the project, the greater the likelihood that the Good Environment will succeed in improving prison correction. The people involved strongly believe that we are all one people, all one earth, and that by freeing even one person from behaviors that are antisocial or negative, then we free everyone just that little bit more. Your support for this project will do so much more than just send educational materials to prison inmates; it will help to free people from an unending cycle of criminal activity and incarceration. It is one small step toward a better system – one that succeeds in preparing people to make a better world.

About: The Kabbalah Prison Project: the Good Environment crowdfunding campaign has three members: Avrom Kaykov, Mike Plaksin, and Moshe Dahari. They are part of a volunteer organization that is sending materials about the Kabbalah to prison inmates in the United States in an effort to improve correction through educational materials.



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