Healthiest Water on the Planet

Healthiest Water on the Planet


Celebrate life with a clean, refreshing glass of V3 water from the islands of Fiji. “V3” stands for Vim, Vigor and Vitality – three components of personal energy. Staying hydrated is one component of maintaining good health. V3 Hydrogen Rich Structured Water contains minerals that are not found in ordinary water. V3 is clean, structured water designed to be healthy. There will be 500 bottles of V3 Pristine Water available in special collector’s edition designer glass bottles. Each one of these bottles will be numbered.

V3 Pristine crowdfunding campaign

You can use the V3 Indiegogo crowdfunding website to order your share of this clean, refreshing water. V3 water is hydrogen enriched. This is a process of ionizing water to break it down into smaller molecules that are more easily absorbed by cells. To ensure that every bottle of water sold continues to have that straight-from-the-spring refreshing flavor, there are also bottle caps for V3 water that are specially designed to administer a hydrogen boost to the liquid when it is opened. These specially designed caps come plain (no flavor) or with organic fruit flavors. You can also receive V3 Hydrogen Powder Capsules with some reward bundles.

V3 is endorsed by Reggie Johnson, the champion boxer. Robert Beam was interviewed at Hot TV by Diamond White, who enthusiastically claimed a bottle to the water for herself.

V3 Pristine pic2 crowdfunding campaign

Why has Mr. Beam decided to create and market V3 water? He points out that water is of vital importance to every living creature on earth, and that having clean drinking water is especially important to human beings. He says that he is on a mission from God to provide clean, vitalized drinking water to everyone on earth, because so many of our water resources have become contaminated in one way or another. He points out the algae bloom on Lake Erie, and that there is pharmaceutical contamination in nearly every drinking water source in the United States, as well as continued pollutants from manufacturing and farming. He references an interview in which the commentator notes that most processing plants currently in use do not filter pharmaceuticals out of drinking water.

V3 has picked out a beautiful site in Fiji for the new V3 bottling plant. The water will come from a near-by natural spring, and will then be put through the V3 hydrogenizing process, and will have vital minerals added. The water will then go into recyclable bottles with the special caps that will ensure that every bottle is just as fresh and sparkling when it is opened as when it was originally processed.

V3 Pristine pic3 crowdfunding campaign

Money from the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign will be used to primarily for packaging and marketing. With it, they will create new bottle molds for a more stream-lined, elegant “look”. It will also help cover expenses, such as business trips back and forth to Fiji while setting up the new plant.

In addition to V3 bottled water – plain and flavored – contributors can also receive V3 t-shirts, and are invited to the launch party that will be held in January. The campaign will close December 20, 2014.

Contribute to V3 Pristine Water from the Islands of Fiji HERE!



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