HEY, The first wearable that mimics a real human touch

HEY Brings Wearable Love to Long Distance

Maybe love hasn’t changed over the years, but in a world where long distance tests even the most enduring relationships, the search is on to find a way where affection travels across the miles. Mark van Rossem and David van Brakel of House of Haptics, noticed that while communication, thanks to social media, cell phones, and devices, is nonstop, the miles in between remain a barrier to the basic need to feel the touch of another person. Their goal to build products that bring people closer has resulted in HEY, a set of two bracelets that are linked to each other via Bluetooth and an app on your smartphone. If you’re thinking that technology can’t possibly take the place of the human touch, think again. By gently squeezing your HEY bracelet, the loved one wearing the other bracelet will experience your touch as if you’re right there.

A Modern Love Story: HEY and Kickstarter

Kickstarter loves a good love story, but the community loves a promising crowdfunding campaign, and that’s why this wearable revolutionary bracelet has turned into such a successful promotion, already seeing donations of more than $96,000 toward a goal of $132,260.

HEY is a wearable, revolutionary bracelet

HEY brings people closer together

HEY is the first bracelet with the capability to mimic a genuine human touch, not by emitting a mechanical vibration or a buzzing sensation, but an authentic gentle squeeze that is just what you need when you want to be reminded that you’re loved. The touch that’s received is as private as if you and your loved one are alone; no one else is going to be able to detect that you’re being touched, but you’ll know, and that’s the kind of knowledge that can give a lift to a day that needs a boost (and we all have those!) Whether the person on the other end of the touch is a spouse, partner, family member or friend, HEY keeps you both in contact. Want to reassure someone who’s going for a job interview? Want to give a “go get ‘em” message to a son or daughter who’s nervous about an upcoming test? Looking for a way to share a moment that’s significant only to you and that significant other? HEY can link loved ones who are separated by one mile or many.


Technology is so deeply incorporated into our daily lives that no one is surprised when it turns out to have a tender side. The advanced technology communicates through Bluetooth and your smartphone. In order to send a message, the bracelet must be touched in two places in order for the message to be relayed directly from your phone to the bracelet. Keeping “in touch” for three weeks with the HEY only requires 30 minutes of charging. When the final product is ready to be unveiled, the communication will take place via a standard Bluetooth low-energy module that’s embedded in the bracelet with a Bluetooth-equipped smart phone that runs the HEY app; the app securely connects to the HEY app on a second smartphone through the Internet, making it possible for a touch on one bracelet to be felt as a gentle squeeze on the second bracelet.

HEY, The House of Haptic and HiDashHi

The House of Haptic is collaborating with HiDashHi to develop a secure way to connect numerous Bluetooth devices by using your smartphone’s Internet connection. This innovation, which connects smart home devices, fitness trackers, etc., is known as the App of Things, and this is how the two HEY bracelets are able to communicate privately with each other. You can’t always be with the ones you love, but thanks to HEY, you’ll never be apart from them.