Promote Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Knowing how to promote your crowdfunding campaign is the foundation of successful crowdfunding. You might have the greatest product since sliced bread, but if the rest of the world is perfectly content with a solid, unbroken loaf, you know that part of your job is introducing your market to their new best friend, the single slice. That’s an exaggerated way to introduce the topic of crowdfunding promotion, but you can see why marketing is the key that unlocks the door to fund your project. That means that at least one month before you’ve launched the product, you must know how to market it. You want to begin the process by creating a marketing plan first, integrating different promotional efforts throughout the campaign’s duration. Here are some easy-to-follow crowdfunding tips that can add dazzle to your campaign.

A 30-day project plan that outlines when the project is to begin, how much money you hope to receive in daily pledges, and at what stages you intend to update your audience on your project will keep you on target. Do you have a Twitter and Facebook account for your project? If you didn’t, you do now, right? Social media enable you to connect with similar online forums to discuss your project.

The first step to promote your crowdfunding campaign is to make it donor-friendly. Simple techniques like including your campaign link in your email signature and social media bios can make your campaign more accessible to the people with whom you interact.

That interaction begins with your ordinary routine. The friends, family, co-workers who know you are your inner circle. They know you, and they should know the product you’re promoting. If they don’t know about it, you’ve been neglecting a key component of a thriving campaign. What are you waiting for? Spread the word! There’s a good chance that they’ll be on board once they learn more about it. Enlist their involvement in your campaign. Get them to post your campaign on their social media sites. You can draft a quick email for them to blast out to their contacts. It’s quite likely that one of their friends will become a supporter of your campaign. The average Facebook account lists 130 friends; if just 10% of your friends tell their friends, that means that more than 18,000 people will learn about your project. Keep the momentum going by tweeting a few times a day, and retweeting messages from other people.

Even though your crowdfunding campaign is online, don’t limit yourself to computer contact. Connect with real people who will find your enthusiasm for your crowdfunding project contagious. Technology is great, but your laptop isn’t going to give you a high five when you’re engaging a potential supporter with the life-changing appeal of Sliced Bread: The Sequel. Do some research to figure out what local events are targeting your target audience, and show up!

Once you’re there, take advantage of the fact that you’re in contact with people. Handing someone a business card establishes the kind of personal connection that can promote your crowdfunding campaign with minimum effort and maximum effect. Vistaprint allows you to design business cards that are customized to suit your campaign. Remember, your business card is your way of making a home in someone’s wallet or purse. Be engaging and informative; make that wallet time worthwhile. Crowdfunding PR gets underway as soon as people know who you are and what your project is, and your business card makes it easy for them to contact you.

Can you hold a launch event with a few laptops, so that people can make their pledges? As they learn more about you and your project, they’ll have questions to ask. Plan in advance how you’ll promote your crowdfunding campaign with answers that attract donors.

Speaking of print, blogging is a dynamic way to expand your network. You don’t have a blog? You do now, right? Create a blog to find people who have similar interests; try WordPress or Blogger, both great free blogging sites. Search out bloggers who write about topics that relate to your campaign. Promote your crowdfunding and spread the word to a wider audience. And remember that no one can resist a freebie, so offering something free is just the carrot that you might need to entice supporters.

Don’t forget that traditional media are still valuable resources to enlist in the overall plan to get your project funded. A crowdfunding press release in the local newspaper, with a photo included, reaches another segment of your potential audience. Don’t forget posters and flyers! Grocery store windows, post office bulletin boards, and local shops are like billboards for town residents; they like to know what’s going on, and when what’s going on is your crowdfunding project, you want everyone to know about it.

An important thing to remember when your campaign ends: it ain’t over when it’s over. Update people on how much money was raised at the conclusion of the campaign. Inform people about the progress of your project. Be sure to let people know when they’ll be receiving their rewards. Build a community for the future by notifying them of future events and projects beyond your crowdfunding campaign. That way, you’ll be ready for your next crowdfunding campaign, and your audience is waiting.

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