HR Gear: A Comprehensive Library

HR Gear: A Comprehensive Library


Every business is built on a unique product, service or concept that defines its unique place in the market. No matter what the type of operation, however, all businesses must meet their legal and human resources requirements. In order to do this a complete understanding is required of a vast field which is constantly evolving. Companies of all sizes would benefit from an inexpensive, thorough and easy-to-use business reference resource.

With this business need in mind, the New York based HR Gear team created an online employment law and employee benefits library. This new venture was launched by the team that developed the award-winning Benefits Essentials resource. The online library is available on their website also has forms, checklists, documents and required workplace posters. These comprehensive and varied forms of communication provide employers with everything that they need to conduct their human resources department. HR Gear has human resources law, news, trends and developments. The broad scope of human resources topics includes employee testing, Obamacare, discrimination and vacation and leave policies. HR Gear assists businesses in staying compliant with all necessary regulations such as those set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to ensure safe and healthful working conditions. In fact includes the complete employee life-cycle from recruiting, hiring, interviewing and termination.

HR Gear has been publishing forms for many other subjects such as employee benefit eligibility, health insurance and retirement plans. This makes a valuable resource for employees as well as employers. This is coupled by the fact that also has a section for personal finance issues like taxes, retirement planning and estate planning. transforms complicated state and federal laws into regular English which can be understood without a law degree. A glossary and description of common acronyms is also available. They even have information available in Spanish.

HR Gear has decided that their website is now ready to assist businesses to run smoothly. In order to prove this, and drive the growth of this initiative, HR Gear has launched a rewards-based Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign until September 30th. As part of this crowdfunding run major discounts are currently available on annual subscriptions. Those who act now can receive a full one year membership for a pledge of only 19 dollars. A package of ten annual website licenses for customers, members or clients is available for a 100 dollar pledge or 10 dollars per person. Backers also have the ability to influence developers by suggesting improvements to the website.

HR Gear is powered by T.P. Press, a New York company that has been publishing legal compliance products for over 20 years. Expert authors and consultants have years of experience advising clients, educating students and writing about employment law. provides business managers with the practical information they need to effectively and efficiently deal with human resources issues. However their expressed goal is to keep the site streamlined in order to be user-friendly so that the website may be able to benefit everyone from manager to employee.

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