Have The Hug for Your H2O Health

Have The Hug for Your H2O Health


Whether you’re an athlete looking to reach your maximum potential on the field of competition, an office worker at her desk, or a kid heading out for play, everyone knows that water is a key component of a winning team. Everyone also knows that we don’t drink enough water. Maybe it’s time for The Hug? This Hug comes with hardware in the form of a sensor band that turns your water bottle into your own personal optimal hydration coach. Dedicated to the idea that the world needs to drink more water, Caktus, Inc. has gone to the well for a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign that’s already halfway to its $34,000 goal with a deadline of September 5.

Caktus, Inc. is the small Finnish startup that’s trying to make sure that everyone gets The Hugs they need. Panu, Tappi, Heikki, and Olli, the core team of Caktus, came to their own realization that drinking 15 cups of coffee a day isn’t healthy, and they decided to do something about it. They named their invention The Hug because Tappi the designer (and former marathon coffee drinker) realized that hugging his two small children makes him feel good, the way drinking more water instead of coffee makes him healthier. They’re hoping that their crowdfunding campaign for The Hug can both lead people to water AND get them to drink.

The Hug

We don’t always think of ourselves in terms of our hydration, but the truth is that most of us–would you believe 43% of Americans?–are living in a state of dehydration. The absence of the necessary amounts of daily water affects not only our physical performance but also our mental state and overall sense of wellbeing. This weakens our individual force shield against illness, making us more vulnerable. The Hug is the way to alleviate that. Now, everyone would like a little more affection in life, but this kind of Hug doesn’t come with any PDA that requires explaining when you take advantage of it in the office.

The Hug fits most water bottles, whether they’re metal, plastic, or glass. This sensor band, which is optimized for a diameter of 2.16-3.14 inches, fits around the bottle. The band uses the latest Bluetooth low energy (4.0) technology to connect to iOS devices. Charged by USB, the current prototypes last up to a week, and by the time the items are ready for shipping, Caktus expects the charge to last even longer.

The Hug crowdfunding

Using your weight, age, gender and personal stats, The Hug calculates your own optimal base hydration rate, taking into account the current temperature so that, the higher the degrees, the more you need to drink. By following your hydration status, The Hug tracks your water intake, and notifies you if you’re not keeping up with the drinking that your body needs. The intervals of notification can be adjusted to suit your preference. There’s no charge for the app which can be downloaded from the AppStore after you receive your Hug band.

The word is out from the reviewers and this Hug gets high marks. Digital Trends notes that while there are plenty of apps that remind you that you need to drink more water, there aren’t many that can actually track the amount of water you’ve already drunk. The Hug is an easy way to get healthy fast.

Contribute to the project and Track your water intake and hydrate better with The Hug Here!



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