Hunting Jurassic Prey with Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter Reborn

Hunting Jurassic Prey with Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter Reborn


There’s no doubt about it, mankind has mastered the universe. We’ve left our footprints on the faraway moon, we’ve plunged to the murky ocean depths, and wherever we go, we proclaim our ownership of land, air, and sea. But once upon a time, it was not so. Once there was a time when our species had to reckon with the power of the natural world; once, the skies were a mystery full of portents and the endless oceans were vast and unknowable, and the earth was ruled by majestic monsters. Now, the landscape that was once massive, raw and perilous has been diminished by omnipresent shopping malls, traffic-clogged highways, and Starbucks lattes. But we’ll always wonder how we would have fared if we had shared that prehistoric terrain with living beasts whose mere bones in a museum can ignite our modern imaginations. Because no matter how civilized the society we live in, no matter how advanced our technology, no matter how integrated we are into the routine of our tame existence, there’s another creature living beneath the surface. A creature who longs for the thrill of the hunt.


Tatem Games and Digital Dreams Entertainment recognize that Jurassic Park was more than a movie. It was an invitation to a world that would test our primal abilities against the Earth’s most terrifying predators. Video games made it possible to visit the past. Now, there’s Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter Reborn, a hunting simulator that, in the words of the original Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter creator and designer Yaroslav Kravchenko, recreates the atmosphere of Jurassic Park. Together with lead programmer Artem Kuryavchenko, who was with the Carnivores brand in the very beginning, the duo have gone back to their primeval roots to bring the game back to the PC.

The Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign’s goal for this project is to raise $25,000 by October 2 so that the popularity of the original Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter can be matched and its content surpassed with exciting new features. The game currently has 9-12 dinosaurs, but greater crowdfunding pledge amounts can increase those numbers. The game takes place in the distant future, when a space-roving vessel discovers a planet that has conditions similar to those on Earth. But this Earthlike planet proves to be too dangerous for colonization because its Jurassic period is not yet over. Back on Earth, however, the lure of the hunt is tantalizing, and a corporation known as DinoHunt, Inc. claims the planet so that rich customers can hunt living, breathing dinosaurs. As one of these hunters, you will track and stalk your prey. But this isn’t a hunting trip where the quarry is easily conquered; in this match of man versus monster, survival is not guaranteed.

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Knowing your environment is key to the quest and the 3D landscape is vivid and beautifully created. The new game offers three different islands with pristine beaches, dense jungles, pine forests, muddy marshes, rocky plains, and arid deserts for the hunters; each island is home to its own unique setting. Knowing the environment is crucial. But so is selecting the right weapon. Is a high-caliber rifle, a sniper rifle, or a silent crossbow the weapon of choice, or do you want to use a tranquilizer gun that will put your prey to sleep rather than kill it? A handheld GPS with radar will make tracking your prey easier. But remember, you’ll need Cover Scent to prevent your alert quarry from locating you by your smell, and turning you from hunter into hunted. Each dinosaur is different, with realistic, advanced AI logic, and your trek will take you from the dimmest of dinosaurs who seem to be no threat at all to others who possess a heightened sense of hearing, sight, and smell.

What happens after the hunt? That’s when you’ll go to your Trophy Room, the place where the previous creatures you’ve bagged attest to your skill. You can invite your friends to visit your Trophy Room. But even in the Trophy Room, your Achievements will lead to replaying certain missions under alternate conditions. This time, what if you use a crossbow to kill T-Rex?

Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter Reborn is a game to be played, and a challenge to be met: who will be the master of the hunt?

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