Invisible Sun: See A World of Mystery & Magic

Light Your World with Invisible Sun

This place that we call Real Life is hectic, jagged, harsh – filled with rush hour traffic, honking horns, shouting politicians and regulated by time clocks and calendars. But what if you could see the world differently, see a world of mystery and magic, of shining meadows and dark hollows, a world lit by an invisible sun. If you have been looking for such a place then Monte Cook Games has an RPG tabletop/hybrid game just for you.


Invisible Sun Game from Monte Cook

This is a beautiful game, rich with options, materials and resources. The kit includes four books, hundreds of cards, a board, a resin sculpture, a medallion and more. It provides options for game play by groups of working adults, providing for the times when one player cannot be present or for when a player wants to do a little character development that does not necessarily involve the whole group. This is a dark world, a world of secrets. Abandon everything you thought you knew about dieties, pantheons, monsters, RPG formulas and plunge into a world of mystery, change, and character development. The game is set up for long-term play that is broken up into successive sessions – this is not a quick party game, it is a vehicle for exploration and story development. If you love roleplay, then this is a game for you.

The World

The world of the invisible sun is a strange one. There are monsters; and some of the characters might almost seem like monsters – such as the girl with the many faces. She can settle on one for a time, but if she keeps it too long, she will lose her own personality. It is a world of secrets, with many doors and hidden places to unlock. One of the strange characteristics of this world is the key showers, where keys rain from the sky. A key shower can be an opportunity to catch or find a key that will be useful later. Beyond that, the world is malleable with many options, so each game session is a fresh experience and opportunities for world building are rich and varied.

Invisible Sun Kickstarter

Already well on its way to success, the Invisible Sun Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign is one you don’t want to miss. Even the contribution levels are mystical in nature. For example at the basic level, the pledge description begins “I summon the Black Cube from the void . . . “ The next level – for retailers – begins, “I entreat with the Black Cube . . . “ At the third level, it begins, “I control the Black Cube with a Key . . .” This level includes a set of nine wicked keys to be used as tokens in the game, along with a special secret available only through the crowdfunding campaign.

Invisible Sun from Monte Cook Games is a role-player’s dream game. It is flexible, beautiful, rich in opportunity for character development, story creation and world building. With four beautiful books in the set, the cost is easily comparable to other complex tabletop gaming systems. With this set, you can buy once and play for years – which is every role player’s dream. Invisible Sun a place where we can escape the gray, everyday world and slip away into a place that is richer, more magical, and where your desires are only a key away. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get my umbrella – a key shower is being predicted.