Joebot’s Storytime Book Covers

Joebot’s Storytime Book Covers

Many adults might remember the charming gold binding and the bright covers of the “Little Golden Books.” Now imagine your favorite movie or video, the ones with a little too much blood or with high-flown intellectualism, converted into something that resembles that kid-friendly art work that used to appear on favorite picture books. Just let your imagination run for a moment – there, you have it: the Little Joebot Storytime Book Covers.

Joebot Storytime Art Shows

In 2014, Joey Spiotto combined his love of movies, games, science and numbers of other things to come up with interpretations the “folk heroes” of the millennium age: Buffy the Little Slayer; Don’t Need Roads; the Little God of Mischief; and many, many more wry, humorous takes on the super heroes and super villains, to create an art show. People loved it! It made the first page of Reddit, and was also mentioned on Buzzfeed, Nerdfilm, Slashfilm and similar review media. It was even mentioned on Reading Rainbow! In fact, the show was such a success, that Joey Spiotto followed up the next year, 2015, with Storytime II. He then took the series of paintings on the road, adding a few more Storytime Book Covers along the way. As he traveled the convention circuit, fans began to look for his prints and to enjoy the art shows.

Art Book as Next Step

As Joey toured, fans began to wistfully ask if there was a book that collected all of the “covers” under one cover, as it were. Or, in other words, they wanted him to collect all those wonderful picture book covers into an art book. The pictures were already done – so the hardest part was out of the way. The next step was the layout – done; then the cover design – done. But what remains is financing the printing. For this, Joey turned – as have many other artists and authors – to Kickstarter. Contributions to the crowdfunding campaign will help finance a printing of Storytime: A Little Art Book. The book will showcase Joey’s rendition of pop culture themes and heroes.

Storytime Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign

For those who are curious about the price for obtaining a copy, you can get your name in the pot for a signed copy for a mere $25.00. That’s a lot of art at that price – and a wonderful book for your coffee table. And that is just the beginning of the great perks and prizes offered through this crowdfunding campaign. Themed posters, limited run variants on earlier print runs – some a variant no longer available elsewhere, and – at the top of the heap – the chance to commission your own Storytime print! Of course, as you climb the reward ladder, each rung includes the perks from the previous levels, such as getting your name included in the book as a supporter, a Kickstarter backer exclusive print.

If you have always wanted to be a patron of the arts, but were not sure where to start, this crowdfunding campaign might be just the place. Or if you love the Joebot book cover series and want to have copies of your own, now is your opportunity. The collection is a unique, one of a kind take on our modern heroes and storytelling. Rewards will ship anywhere in the world. The projected delivery date is January 2017 – a little late for holiday gift giving, but great for Valentine’s Day, birthdays and more for the special people on your gift giving list.