Key-Quest, The Tool Box on Your Keychain

Key-Quest, the 6-in-1 Multi-Tool

Tokyo Mirai Mode (TMM) is proud to introduce the world to the Key-Quest, a versatile, pocket-sized handy multi-tool that has won legions of fans in its native Japan and is now poised to earn new converts in the United States and worldwide through a crowdfunding campaign aiming to earn $5000 from backers. The Key-Quest can open a bottle or remove a lid from a can of paint; tighten a bolt or nut or screw; cut fishing line; and open a box. With the Key-Quest, those basic around-the-house or office tasks don’t require a toolkit or a handyman; the solution as close as your pocket, hanging from your keychain. Life just got a whole lot easier!


The Quality and Craftsmanship of the Key-Quest

The origins of the Key-Quest come from the most routine of inspirations. Some of the members of the workforce at the Tsukada Company, Ltd. noticed that, often as not, when a box or package arrived, they would use a key to open it. Why not use that basic design and improve upon it, they reasoned, so that not only can it be used to open boxes, but also to take care of other tasks? The inspiration turned into a design and before long, the Key-Quest developers were ready to take their idea to the next level.

With CADS that were used to make metal molds, the designers considered different functions that could capitalize on the standard key shape. By the time they were finished with the development and manufacturing stages of production, and their experiment had undergone trial and error testing to improve it, the end result was a 6-in-1 multi-tool. At 2.5 mm (0.098″), the Key-Quest is judged to be the perfect thickness—the same size and thickness as a standard house key—for portability and durability.

Key Quest

Key-Quest Crowdfunding Success

The current Key-Quest campaign is the follow-up to an earlier one that ran in Japan and created thousands of supporters of the handy multi-tool, which quickly demonstrated its effectiveness. The crowdfunding campaign funds will be used when the Key-Quest is ready to be shipped to its backers. Funds will also pay for the publication of user manuals for the English-speaking consumers. Remaining funds will be used for the campaign costs including commissions, fees, and project operation.

From Japan to Your Pocket, Key-Quest Goes Global

No one blends cutting-edge efficiency with a culture of craftsmanship like the Japanese and Key-Quest proves how adeptly the past and present can be blended to form a product without peer that’s ready for the future. The Key-Quest is made in Seki City, also known as the “City of Blades,” by the Tsukada Company, Ltd., which has almost 50 years of experience in making super-sharp blades. But a half-century of skill, remarkable though that is, pales in comparison to Seki’s original roots with its manufacturing techniques that come out of the Kamakura Era, 700 years ago. The Key-Quest is fit for a samurai!

Key-Quest at Home in Your Pocket

If you’re a little concerned that keeping the Key-Quest in your pocket is going to be great for your multi-tool needs, but a disaster for your wardrobe, don’t worry. Each Key-Quest comes with a rounded tip that was barrel-polished using the peerless Seki techniques so that the multi-tool won’t rip your pockets or get caught in the fabric. However, if you’d rather not have the Key-Quest loose in your pocket, leather cases are also available. Whichever you prefer, you can be confident that this item is the perfect gift for everyone. Its manufacturers have a proud history of producing innovative items that introduce customers to the potential that the future offers. With Key-Quest on your shopping list, you’re guaranteed to please everyone!

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