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Top Kickstarter campaigns in January 2017

Kickstarter Campaigns in January 2017

Kickstarter began 2017 with a dazzling array of crowdfunding campaigns to promote various artistic media including music, film, writing, and entrepreneurial discipline. Anyone who thinks that entrepreneurial motifs don’t belong in the rarefied realm of the arts might want to re-consider that philosophy by giving The Mastery Journal a try. Artists, just like entrepreneurs, struggle to overcome the obstacles to focus, discipline, and productivity. If you’re considering giving self-help a try, better wait until you’ve had a chance to see Self-Help: A Serial Killer’s Guide to Life, a satirical film that embraces female empowerment while spotlighting the inescapable humor in the self-help industry. Music is a perennial Kickstarter campaign feature and January waxes lyrical with the success of two projects. Indie rock artist Julie Nunes makes music about her deepest fears and greatest joys and credits Kickstarter with allowing her to do so with the most creative people she knows. Acting’s Alicia Witt’s 15,000 Days, produced by the legendary Jacquire King, has already reached its EP goal and has its sights set on turning the EP into a full album. Finally, for your reading pleasure, there’s UNDERCITIES, a short-story anthology that presents LGBTQ+ narratives in an urban fantasy setting.

How Successful are the Kickstarter Campaigns in January 2017?

Either January is a time when people are inclined to be generous, or these particular campaigns are so good that they’re inspiring donors to reach into their wallets. All of the campaigns have surpassed their original goals, which allows the artists to enhance their original project milestones.

The Mastery Journal takes home the prize for the January campaign that has thoroughly exploded in donations; John Lee Dumas started out with a goal of $25,000, but that’s old news because his project has already driven in more than $166,000, proving that 2017 is the year when people intend to let their entrepreneurial inner self take center stage.

Alicia Witt’s prowess in surpassing her $60,000 goal for 15,000 Days heightens the creative potential of working with Jacquire King, who has shared her talents with the likes of Tom Waits, Norah Jones, Kings of Leon, James Bay, the Cold War Kids and others. Witt has her sights set on making $130,000 so that she can make a full album instead of an EP.

The prosperity of Julie Nunes’ campaign allows the artist to pay for studio time, a producer and musicians, equipment, mixing, mastering and printing. Thanks to earning over $50,000 from the original $30,000 goal, Nunes plans to spend more time in the studio, making what she calls “happy mistakes” that allow her to explore the breadth of her creative inspiration.

Self-Help: A Serial Killer’s Guide to Life originally sought $22,665 in donations, but now that the campaign has earned over $28,000, the campaign organizers can afford more time, special effects and crew, and better equipment, not to mention a special behind-the-scenes video Val’s Path to Enlightenment.

The designers of the UNDERCITIES campaign started out with a modest goal of $2,500 but have already exceeded $12,000 in donations. That’s good news, because their dream is to fund a physical print run that will produce a three-hundred plus page anthology of stories.

The Creative Minds Behind the Kickstarter Campaigns in January

Alicia Witt would like to dispel any myths that are attached to an actor who branches out in another artistic direction. The actress who’s appeared The Walking Dead, Supernatural, Justified and Nashville, along with Hallmark movies, is not so rich that her musical career is just a hobby. “If you’re not a series regular on a series, or one of the top box office draws in film- these days, the acting business isn’t in any way a windfall.” She’s grateful for being able to support herself as an actress, but over the past eight years, every penny she’s been able to save has gone into her musical career. Savings, combined with Kickstarter, can let her pursue her 15,000 Days musical aspirations, which began at the age of nine years old.

John Lee Dumas can explain The Mastery Journal by recalling what didn’t work for him in the past. Those “ah-ha” moments included imagining his future success, basking in it, and then nurturing his idea until reality took over and killed his momentum and the idea. The result ended up producing nothing and his life went on just as it had before. That led him to develop a plan that shows how to master productivity, discipline and focus. Now, his “ah-ha” moment is The Mastery Journal.

Julie Nunes figured out how to take the pain of her life and turn it into music. Letting go of certain people didn’t mean that those people disappeared from her life. Misery becomes metaphor: the last man in her life constantly interrupted her. Taking out her angst is the healthier option, as well as a therapeutic break-up. So she wrote a song about it.

Monsters on top of skyscrapers. Magic in the subway station. That’s UNDERCITIES, the urban fantasy anthology from Dirty Birds Press featuring short story fiction from eleven LGBTQ+ authors and authors of color. The diverse authors make the case that fantasy, like the human species, is not homogenous but instead, is as imaginative and real as its authors, existing in a space where anyone can overcome obstacles, win battles, and experience happenings beyond their wildest dreams.

Going Inside Kickstarter Campaigns in January

Think of The Mastery Journal as a New Year’s resolution that’s guaranteed to succeed. The format includes four daily timed sessions, daily self-evaluation that evaluate your strengths and weaknesses; ten-day recaps that amplify what’s working and adjust what isn’t to establish the ten-day productivity and discipline scores, and ending each day knowing how tomorrow will bring you to victory.

UNDERCITIES reflects the belief that literature is a place where reality and fantastical meet. By reflecting the world as it could and should be, the stories combine the daring of magic with the voices of the LGBTQ+ creators and creators of color.

Self-Help: A Serial Killer’s Guide to Life’s Louise Farnt is a self-help addict who finds herself on an unintentional killing spree when she ends up in the company of personal guru wannabe Val Stone, who is a borderline psychotic. The two travel the southern coast of England visiting the most “alternative” of therapies. The film was written and directed by award-winning Staten Cousins-Roe and celebrated Director of Photography James Layton of Downton Abbey and Sherlock fame.

Every time Julie Nunes releases a record, she learns more about being an independent artist, and some of those lessons, like how to organize and prioritize, how to allocate money, and how to ask for what she wants, aren’t part of the creative process but are a necessary foundation for the business she’s in. Balancing that is the inspiration she receives by meeting new people that she can add to her team. “They are not kidding when they say it’s all about who you know and I know some creative geniuses.”

Producer Jacquire King’s interest in collaborating with Alicia Witt on 15,000 Days isn’t just a matter of musical minds meeting. “I’m always intrigued to help an artist reshape the perception of what their artistic output is. With Alicia being known primarily as an actor there is intrigue in making music with her because her creativity goes way beyond acting, she is a great songwriter with an especially unique voice.”

Kickstarter Campaigns in January with Long-Lasting Appeal

For Alicia Witt, hitting the 15,000 Day mark with producer Jacquire King allows her to connect on a wider platform so that her songs resonate and come to life. There is no greater gift, she says, that she could ever ask for than to have her supporters be part of bringing this dream to life.

For the artists of UNDERCITIES, giving back to the authors who dedicated months of time and effort enables Dirty Birds Press to bring these stories to life, and gives the company the recognition it deserves in serving its mission of promoting the voices of marginalized authors and artists.

The Self-Help: A Serial Killer’s Guide to Life trailblazers are concerned that out of the top one hundred grossing films in 2015, only 22% and 33% of the speaking roles are held by women. Their film has two female characters in the lead, along with a gender-balanced crew.

The Master Journal knows that entrepreneurs don’t fail because of bad ideas; they fail because of a lack of execution. Step by step, The Master Journal will nurture an entrepreneur’s action plan by serving an accountability partner that will not allow you to fail.

Living out her life by drawing on her musical instincts gives Julie Nunes a reflective approach to her art, and everything is fair game. She’s written songs about New York City, sex, falling out of love and seeing people she doesn’t want to see. Those songs, she acknowledges, will be hard to sing live, so she’s eager to see how she fares when she’s in the recording booth.

There you have it, the top Kickstarter campaigns in January. The calendar is all the proof you need that this is a Kickstarter year!