Kickstarter’s Multi-Dimensional Crowdfunding Campaigns

Kickstarter’s Multi-Dimensional Crowdfunding Campaigns

Time. Height. Space. Kickstarter crowdfunding ampaigns as diverse as those for Hidden Time Watch, the ERGO Posture Transformer, and the Superscreen are challenging what we’ve always believed about our dimensional world. Looking for the benefits of a tablet with the power and convenience of your phone? You need to check out the Superscreen’s 10.1 HD display. If you’re trying to sit up straight in a world that increasingly sees us all hunched over our computers and devices, the ERGO Posture Transformer is going to give you perfect posture and relieve the pain we incur just because we spend so much time sitting down. If you want a timepiece that both tracks the hour of the day and alters your perception of the passing hours, the Hidden Time Watch is perfect for you.

Superscreen Upgrades Your Phone to Full-Sized Touchscreen Display


Getting used to a miniature world has accustomed us to living in a smaller technological environment, but our eyes haven’t quite managed the change. The smartphones that fit in our hands come with a built-in problem: the screen is too small for a view that’s truly satisfying. Enter the Superscreen, a new way to experience the digital world on your smartphone by doing everything a tablet and a casting product can do in one affordable, attractive device. Consider this: the Superscreen gives you the features of a $600 iPad in a $99 device.
Crowdfunding supporters love it; the campaign, which was initiated with a $50,000 goal, has already brought in over $900,000 just a few weeks before the April 19 deadline. But when you consider that the Superscreen was funded in the first hour of the campaign, it’s not surprising that it has continued to attract attention and dollars. Described by Huffington Post as the world’s “first portable touch screen for your smartphone,” the Superscreen is an HD Display that wirelessly transmits your mobile device so that your smartphone content is engaged on a larger scale.

The Hidden Time Watch Reveals the Passage of the Hours

Hidden time watch

Featuring a beautiful display, the watch face operates with a gradient disc that rotates to reveal “hidden time.” You can focus on the moment because the passing hours are camouflaged in Hidden Time. Water resistant, made of 316L stainless steel, featuring caliber 515 quartz movement, and a genuine leather band, Hidden Time is available in black, rose gold, or silver and comes with a unisex 39mm case. Judging from the pace of crowdfunding backing, the Kickstarter community, which has exceeded the original $51,502 goal by donating more than $72,000 with three weeks remaining in the campaign, applauds the philosophy of industrial designer Jiwoong Jung, who says, “My research on how to naturally pass time began with how hiding occurs in nature, which led me to one of the best known examples—the chameleon’s protective color.”

Sit Straight and Stand Tall with the ERGO Posture Transformer


Odds are that you’ve taken your car in to be aligned, but you’ve forgotten that hours of sitting in front of a computer monitor put your body out of alignment. The modern work environment puts many of us at risk of neck and back pain. But the ERGO Posture Transformer, which relieves as much as 70 pounds of pressure from your neck and back, can help you sit up straight, relieve excess strain from your shoulders, neck and back, improve your balance and equilibrium, and deliver the winning posture that creates the impression of confidence and strength. By wearing the ERGO, your shoulders are rolled back and down, your chest is expanded, your head is balanced over your shoulders, and your abdominals are engaged. By using its patented support cushion design, the ERGO improves your center of gravity as it triggers a reflex to right your spine.

What People are Saying About These Kickstarter Campaigns

The verdicts are in and these three Kickstarter products are successes! The Hidden Time Watch has satisfied customers who love everything from its packaging to its top-notch quality; one backer comments that the appearance is so appealing that “it’s drawing envious glances.” Ultimate Software Wellness Director Laurie Rennard says that “Everyone should have an ERGO. It’s not the chair that needs proper adjusting, it’s your body, and this device achieves that effortlessly.” Says of the Superscreen, “Tablets have always been a valid mobile alternative, high-end ones are often costly and the fact that you have to sync everything from your smartphone can be bothersome. Fortunately, a new tablet-like device from Kickstarter might be able to solve both of these issues.”
These popular Kickstarter campaigns bring beauty, efficiency, and health to their backers.