Perfect for Tailgating & Cook-Outs

Perfect for Tailgating & Cook-Outs


Some product designs are so simple, so perfect that you can’t believe you didn’t think of it yourself. Everyone has had that moment: trying to juggle a disposable cup and a disposable plate, hold a conversation and shake hands, needing a third hand to open a door without spilling your food or your drink. Now imagine a cup that fits the bottom of your plate; your plate acts like a lid, your cup becomes a handle for you plate. Fill your cup, slip it into the special holder under the plate, and hang onto one unit while you fill your plate. The cup becomes a handle. You can shake hands with someone, open a door, hang onto your meal securely while you find a seat where you can manage your drink and meal. This is the Kuplok system, a simple plate which can work with any plastic disposable cup.

To attach a cup to the Kuplok plate, squeeze the sides of the cup so that it creates an oval shape. Slip the cup between the flanges on the underside of the plate. Release, and the cup is securely attached to the underside of the plate. You can hold the plate by using the cup as a handle, carry the cup by holding onto the plate. Either way, your drink and your food are easy to carry. The plates are made from PET plastic, BPA free, FDA approved, and 100% eco-friendly. The patents are filed, the prototypes complete. There is even a plastic manufacturer in Dallas, Texas waiting to create the first run. That’s where you come in.

KuploK plate

Support the Kuplok Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to fund the first production run. Michael Dawson, inventor of the Kuplok, and Steve Dawson selected the Texas manufacturer to eliminate all the complications of dealing with an overseas manufacturer. But even good American manufacturers from home need an upfront payment for a new product run.

The Michael and Steve Dawson need your help to make it happen, but they don’t expect you to give something for nothing. Pledge $1.00, and you get a mention on the website as a Kickstarter backer. For $12 (but hurry, supplies are limited) you get a pack of 10 Kuplok plates. Double that, and you get $20 plates, shipping included. Now here’s a real bargain for Early Bird Donors: at $40.00 you can 50 Kuplok plates, a perfect number for a party. Limit 50 – so hurry. If you miss out on this one, $75.00 will net you 100 plates – great for that big office or block party – but at this great price, there is a limit of 25. But don’t worry, if this slot is filled, just bump it up to $85.00, to receive 100 Kuplok plates. Kuplok’s let your guest circulate, freeing them from chairs and tables.

KuploK plate kickstarter

With 56 backers and 28 days to go, there’s plenty of room for more folks to jump on the bandwagon. You get a great product, and you get the chance to buy American – Texan, even. As a chance to endorse good old American ingenuity, it just doesn’t get any better than this.

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