Lastman, the Hero of Everybody on Deck

Lastman Brings Everybody on Deck.

If it’s up to Richard Aldana, the rebel boxer whose skill represents neither passion nor a fondness for sport, to come to the rescue when his hometown’s corruption brings him into the fight, it’s up to Kickstarter to provide the means for the crowdfunding competition to achieve its goal of raising the money needed to animate the comic book Lastman. Because of difficulties caused by what Everybody on Deck’s project organizers call “the Kafkaesque maze of audiovisual policy” in France, and because adult animation isn’t made in France, the creators realized that in order for their project to come to life, they needed reliable financial support that would enable them to create twenty-six episodes representing over five hours of animation. They had a dream; they called on crowdfunding to make it come true.


Lastman Financial Support.

The project creators tried to fund their dream through the more traditional route, but they were told that it was impossible: France doesn’t do adult animation. It’s too ambitious. It wouldn’t get financing. Before the crowdfunding campaign, the creators had attracted a top investor who was eager to provide substantial funding for the project; that was when French bureaucracy, mingled with a hefty dose of the aforementioned Kafkaesque maze, managed to obstruct so many roadblocks that the deal was called off. Fueled by coffee, creativity, and the determination to see their creation come to life, Everybody on Deck discovered that it was possible after all. Crowdfunding support has already taken the project past its first goal of 75,000 euros. With the donations currently at 85,510 euros, the creators are anticipating more saved episodes.

Lastman and the Everybody on Deck Story.

Lastman is the saga of Richard Aldana, who lives in Paxtown, a crooked and corrupt capital that’s ruled by drugs, the Mafia, and the lawlessness that can be expected in a community where might makes right, regardless of the consequences. Aldana makes his own path in the world and for him, boxing is just pest control, plain and simple; not for him the Fist Fight Funeral Cup, the eagerly anticipated match, in which satin-garbed contestants battle for the championship of the extreme violence of the martial arts prize. But choice is taken out of Aldana’s hands when his pal Dave, who owns the boxing club, is assassinated by The Order of the Lion, a religious sect that’s far more dangerous than the drug lords or gangsters who hold control over Paxtown. The Order got rid of Dave, but they wanted something else: they wanted his daughter.

lastman - Crowdfunding campaign

Aldana to the Rescue.

With Dave gone, so is Aldana’s ability to live a solitary life, where no one depends on him and he’s a free agent without obligations to anyone. But the Order of the Lion has changed all that. Dave’s orphaned daughter Siri is now Aldana’s responsibility and she’s in danger. The Order believes that Siri is the key to the Other World that they’re seeking. Puzzled by this mysterious connection between his friend’s daughter and a crazy religious organization, Aldana and Siri find themselves on a quest which unveils the secrets behind the King of the Valley, a mythological place where magic reigns and demons dwell, and only one thing is certain: danger knows them by name.

The Progress of Lastman.

The 26 episodes of Lastman, with designs, backgrounds, animation, music and voices, have been completed. Every additional 25,000 euros that the campaign receives will preserve another episode. The animation studio, Je Suis Bien Content, which means “I am very happy,” is committed to the concept of rigor and innovation serving creations. Founded in 1996, JSBC plans to take over the world with paper, pencils, and imagination. JSBC says, “”We aim straight for the heart of the target.” Their aim is true; prepare to be struck by Lastman.