Learning to Crowdfund

Learning to Crowdfund

Learning to crowdfund can be easy or it can be very difficult. It depends on who you are, how well you are organized and your personal tolerance for uncertainty. A crowdfunding campaign can be extremely exciting, but it can also be a lot of hard work.

Let’s suppose that one morning you wake up and give a despairing look at the stack of bills on your desk, or that you’ve come up with an idea for a new gadget that the world just can’t live without. Maybe you are a musician and you’ve booked a tour. But your van broke down, and now – after repairs – you don’t have enough money to make the trip. From funding printing for a new card game to building an eco-friendly building, crowdfunding can make it happen. But it doesn’t just happen because you fill out a form online and make a few phone calls – although those are certainly good things to do.

A good crowdfunding campaign starts with a fantastic idea – something that will grab the attention of people on and off the Internet. It needs to inspire, uplift and – most of all – imbue your audience with the desire to pledge their support to your campaign.

Learning to crowdfund

Next, a good crowdfunding campaign could really use a good team. You can go it alone if you must, but a team can help with maintaining focus, they can make phone calls, write scripts for that all important video, proofread the text that you put online. They can help line up rewards, plan out how things will be delivered and how much it is going to cost to send your item. Digital content is great, because it doesn’t usually cost anything to send a download of your song, music album or novel. A team can also back you up with added skills. Maybe you are good at putting together displays, but your ability to give a good interview is woefully lacking. You call in your team member who loves to communicate to take care of meeting with people.

A professionally presented video adds a lot to any campaign. People love to hear and see the product that is the centerpiece for your campaign. But a video that is poorly done can be a real turn-off. If your skills and talents don’t lend themselves to making movies, then a sharp, clear gorgeous photograph is much better – especially if you follow it up with some dazzling descriptions of your idea.

Everyone loves to get something – even if it is just a postcard that says “thank you,” and is signed by you. Digital acknowledgement works, too, especially if you are a mastermind of the flying digital thumbs. If you have an extensive social media base, it certainly won’t hurt – and it might even be an asset. Something to keep in mind about digital media, however, is that even if you have a huge friend list, you will be doing very well if a third of them actually respond. The others will read and listen, and wait to see what everyone else is doing.

Give your campaign that personal touch. Crowdfunding is a grassroots kind of thing. People like to know who you are. Moreover, they want to be sure that they will receive the things that you have promised to them. When you are open and friendly they are more likely to feel comfortable with contributing to your cause.

learning to crowdfund

Maybe you have a great cause, and you have a great team, but it is the first time for all of you to develop a crowdfunding campaign. Don’t be afraid to call in the experts. Best Crowdfunding Websites is powered by SMT Agency, a team that is expert in the business of promoting crowdfunding campaigns of all sorts. BCW’s success speaks for itself. On the Best Crowdfunding Websites homepage you will find links to campaigns that have succeeded because they used the resources and services offered through the BCW website. The friendly folks at SMT Agency will be happy to help with your campaign – you might say, it’s their business.

The world of crowdfunding is a high-energy, risk taking kind of place. But it is also a very exciting place where people introduce new ideas, start businesses, pay bills, develop new products and much, much more. It is a place where dreams are fulfilled through hard work and a little bit of luck.

Some people find that learning to crowdfund is more than a little bit scary – sort of like swimming with sharks, while others find that it is exactly the kind of ocean where they can launch their surfboard and find the perfect wave. And that’s the zone we want everyone who has a wonderful crowdfunding idea to be able to explore. May your every crowdfunding campaign succeed beyond your wildest dreams, and may all of your ventures be profitable.



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