Legendary Showdown: Gamers Quest, With Characters from Ctrl+Alt+Del

Legendary Showdown: Gamers Quest, With Characters from Ctrl+Alt+Del is a new game in the Legendary Showdown line of games from Killer Robot Games. The earlier editions include the original Dr. McNinja’s Legendary showdown and Legendary Showdown: Machines and Magic. The current Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign is targeted at developing Legendary Showdown: Gamer’s quest. Cards and characters in the box set are based on Ctrl+Alt+Del, or CAD the webcomic by Tim Buckley. Over time, it evolved from the single strip format into longer and more complex stories. The gang at Killer Robot Games describes themselves as “A team of high-powered super-nerds with mad game design skills.” Their game series incorporates Internet comic and game personalities to create unique table top games.

Legendary Showdown is a competitive tabletop game that incorporates weapons, characters and catchy lines from comic books and other sources to create a fast-paced strategy game with an element of chance. The players are each dealt character cards, and strategy cards. The strategy cards for the Gamer’s Quest edition is based on Tim Buckley’s CAD characters. The original box set, Dr. McNinja, was based on the characters from the webcomic of that same name, created by Chris Hastings, and Legendary Showdown: Machines and Magic was based on Girl Genius and Gunnerkrigg Court. Girl Genius was created by Professors Phil and Kaja Foglio, Gunnerkrigg Court by Tom Siddell. Legendary Showdown: Gamer’s Quest can be obtained by making contributions to the Kickstarter Crowdfunding campaign. The two earlier editions can be ordered from the Killer Robot Games Website. This is a good thing to know if you find you love the game, because the box sets can be combined for extra wild and crazy hero combat. The extra sets also increase the fun if using the game for a party night.

Kickstarter Perks, Privileges and extras can be gained by backing the current Showdown crowdfunding campaign, of course. Starting at $1.00, participants receive thanks and are kept in the loop about developments. For $13.00, they will receive a choice of coins specially designed by Tim Buckley himself or a set of refrigerator magnets to use in creating your own stories on your refrigerator. Send $25.00 to sign up for a box set of Showdown: Gamer’s Quest. Of course, the more you contribute the better your rewards. At the very top end for $289.00, you can obtain all three box sets, as well as fridge magnets and coins for all three editions, and all the oversized collectors cards from each edition. On top of that you receive acknowledgement that you are a gaming legend. Of course there are levels in between that basic set and the full batch of rewards. The contribution tool is even set up for a limited amount of mix and match, such as order one box set and add a set of coins. Pay close attention, however, to the directions for best results in receiving your desired selections. It is best to select the box set desired first, then add smaller items on to it – or simply select the contribution level that will have your desired items in it.

Legendary Showdown Gameplay is relatively simple. Each player is dealt five (more or less – depending on number of players) character cards which are arranged in a line, face up, on the table so that the #1 character card in each line is in a position to confront the other character cards. The players then each draw five strategy cards, which can include weapons or actions. The weapons can be added to player characters to enhance or impede them, as can the strategy cards. The illustrations on the cards are drawn from the various comic book sources and include appropriate quotations, as well as directions for play. Skilled players can use the cards judiciously to down their opponents. Thanks to the variety of strategy cards, it is nearly impossible to predict the winner from a single round or hand of combat. One thing is for sure, it will be exciting – and humorous. If your crowd loves wild and wacky games, this is for sure one you won’t want to miss.

Overall, it is a fun game that can be played quickly and have new permutations each time it is played. There are a couple of super-cards in the deck that almost guarantee a win – if played correctly. But even they can be defeated by a master player with a good hand. The extras and add-ons make wonderful collectors’ items as well as curiosities for home décor. Certainly, it will enliven your group if you have all become tired of the old standards, such as Monopoly and Risk. This is a game your guests are likely to request again.