Less Pain, More Gain for Athletes with TITIN

Less Pain, More Gain for Athletes with TITIN

Remember when “no pain, no gain” was the rallying cry for athletes whose workouts earned trophies, medals, and prizes, but left them with aches and pains that made them pay dearly for their achievements? There’s a new game in town for physical fitness; Kickstarter’s crowdfunding campaign with TITIN is raising $100,000 to expand the company’s innovative physical workout product line with the addition of the TITIN Force™ Shorts System.

TITIN FORCEBy donning the workout-enhancing TITIN wardrobe, athletes who are seeking to maximize their preparation and practice get not only a more focused workout experience, but they also benefit from the TITIN attention to the physical demands made on the body in the process. With TITIN’s design, athletes maximize muscle fiber recruitment and minimize muscle fatigue. Not to mention minimizing the burden on their bank accounts because they actually save money; instead of shelling out dollars for expensive weights and devices, TITIN resistance training products capitalize on the body’s own strengths, namely, the creation of muscle fibers responding to weight pressure. When the weight pressure concentrates on the muscle groups, rather than the joints, the joints aren’t compromised because they aren’t bearing the burden of the effort, making muscle fiber recruitment quicker. Just like the Olympic slogan Citius, Altius, Fortius, you’ll jump higher, run faster, and actually become stronger wearing TITIN.

The hydro-gel inserts, which are optimally placed for direct access to key muscle groups, stay hot or cold for 30-45 minutes, and can be heated or cooled during workouts. As an added plus, the inserts are made with A.M.Y® antimicrobial materials that block odors and germs.

The TITIN Force™ Shorts System is based on the same research and development that made the TITIN Force™ Shirt System so effective. A study found that wearing TITIN increases an athlete’s vertical leap by 13 percent, endurance by 11 percent, and sprint speed by 3 percent; lactate intake went up by 25 percent. On Division 1 basketball player was delighted to find out that after wearing TITIN during a 45-minute workout, his vertical jump was two inches higher than his previous best height had been.

TITIN’s goal for the crowdfunding campaign is to be able to mass produce the shorts, improving the seams and upgrading the materials, and in the future making a TITIN long pants model of the product. The campaign is already a third of the way to reaching its goal, which needs to be met by June 11.

Sports is a business with global customers and markets. TITIN’s patented weighted compression gear has been manufactured and sold in more than 14 countries for almost three years, with markets opening up in Europe in the near future. So when an athlete comes up with a business plan on the order of TITIN, investors pay attention. Founder and CEO Patrick Whaley, a mechanical engineer and athlete, has combined the “sweat equity” of his own athletic experience with business savvy to promote and produce products that revolutionize the workout performance. TITIN has evolved into a company that manufactures products that have been touted as “The Next Big Thing” by CNN, garnered first place awards in the 2010 GT Inventure Prize competition, and been named the Most Fundable and Most Bankable in the GT and Rice Business Plan competitions.


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