Livezones: Monetize Your Online World

Livezones: Social Media Turns into an Income Source

The popularity of social media has completely altered the way we work, live, and love. And yet, despite the fact that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and all the other players in the social network are the most popular means of communication across the globe, it’s the owners of the big Internet companies who are the ones reaping in the profits. Láz González, the founder and CEO of Livezones, the exciting trade and income-generation platform that’s about to become an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, thinks it’s about time that everyday users of social media get their chance to put some money in their pockets.

Livezones Paves the Pathway to Social Media Profit

The hundreds of millions of users of social media upload their content, stay connected with one another, share their commercial preferences and their personal information but they don’t derive any economic benefit from what they provide, while the big social networks make the big money. Livezones is planning to change that.
Livezones has developed a platform that will turn individual social media users into entrepreneurs. The global audience of users employs open zones with multiple features that allow people to interact and promote themselves through Livezones features including: a profile zone to manage main features; a home zone to receive news feeds; a settings area to adjust personal accounts and privacy; promotion of personal accounts, brands, or services; and even a dating zone for singles so they can activate their dating area—and generate income—while engaged in the search for the loves of their lives.


Livezones: Online Income Opportunities

Livezones will be entirely free to everyone who wants to open an account. Buying advertising will enable participants to increase the income that can be generate, and all participants will earn money. The means by which income will be generated is related to the content that participants have provided on their social media sites: the photos, live videos, files, documents, items for sale, services, and other options to be explored. Income can be transferred to personal bank accounts or through PayPal. A Livezones Card will be implemented to facilitate the transfer of income, which will be delivered to bank accounts every thirty days and in real time, depending on income options.

Livezones Perks

Livezones offers an interesting array of perks. Perks are offered from different categories that include basic, students, employees, freelancers, small businesses, philanthropists, and corporate sponsors. Some of these are the traditional shirts, caps, and souvenirs. There’s free advertising for designated periods of time; discounts in platform fees; an invitation to open an account at the Livezones Beta launch; investment opportunities after the campaign ends; and numerous other exciting items as well.

Livezones also offers three different perk programs. LiveScholarship will create a scholarship fund for backers; the value of this perk will double each year during the next five years so that, if the perk is executed in that amount of time, the scholarship will be five times greater than the value of the claimed perk. Even better, this perk can be transferred to a family member. LiveSeed is a fund that will support the projects of the campaign backers. The value of the perk will be doubled each year over the course of five years for those who wait to execute their perk. LiveHelp is a fund that will support the campaign’s backers. As with the other two perks, if the backer waits five years to execute the perk, the value of the help that’s awarded will be five times greater than the value of the claimed perk.


The Creative Team Behind Livezones

Livezones founder and CEO Láz González brings a background of experience in hiring and inspiring his team so that, thanks to his own creativity and attentiveness to detail, he’ll deliver expert management of the company’s resources. Chief Operating Officer Gustavo Tosta, who is the CEO of his own company Web Design Enterprise, fortifies Livezones with a solid foundation of web design, online marketing, e-commerce, and business strategy. Chief Technology Officer Jose Luis Garcia, who is also affiliated with Web Design Enterprise, has seventeen years of experience in social media, online applications, database development, and project management.
Collectively, they’ve worked to create an attractive and innovative product that provides a service to meet an existing need.

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